When somebody asks me what my favorite restaurant is, I don't even flinch before saying Red Hen. Red Hen, located in DC, is known as an Italian-American rustic restaurant. I'm sure you're very eager to hear about all the awesome details, so let's jump right in.

Atmosphere: Comfortable 

Aside from its cozy, DC neighborhood feel, the atmosphere of Red Hen leads to an extremely positive experience. The walls are brick, and the lighting makes the table space feel very intimate. The restaurant also plays subtle music, usually of the indie-alternative genre, which is a personal favorite for me and really set the meal over the top.

Favorite Appetizer: Burrata 

The burrata at Red Hen is fresh, creamy, and a light way to start your meal. Served with a bright sweet potato hummus and tabbouleh, this is a perfect appetizer for a single person. Aside from this, there are also really amazing starters to share like the whipped ricotta toast & my other favorite, the chicken liver mousse. 

Main Dishes: Chicken

This roasted chicken from Red Hen is in fact my favorite dish in the whole world. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the chicken is perfectly cooked every single time. The restaurant varies the sides of this dish by the season, but my favorites in the past were the sweet potato purée & braised kale with pancetta. This dish is a must taste!

Main Dishes: Pasta

One of Red Hen's most popular dishes is the cavatelli with spicy lamb sausage, broccolini, chickpeas, and breadcrumbs. This creamy, indulgent pasta dish has just the right balance of savory and spice for an A+ dish. 

Dessert: Gelato

Red Hen's house churned gelato is an excellent pallet cleanser for the end of the meal. The picture above shows just one of the flavor choices, strawberry swirl. But, other flavors include peach, sour cherry, and mascarpone. 

Overall Experience

With amazing company, excellent food, and phenomenal staff, it's very hard to have a bad time. I can happily say that Red Hen has each and every one of those components. This restaurant should definitely be a stop on your DC bucket list.