Although one would naturally presume that a quaint one square mile village like Bronxville with its charming Tudor estates and lush green hills and valleys would not be a 'paradise' for self-proclaimed foodies, that is far from the truth. Yes, Bronxville may not be a bustling metropolis like New York City. Yes, Bronxville is only one square mile. However, have no fear, students at Sarah Lawrence. None of those factors have stopped the town from offering eclectic and vibrant places to find delectable food in Bronxville. 

Having the coincidental experience of living in Bronxville and attending Sarah Lawrence this Fall, I thought what better way to share my love for food than to provide some of my favorite 'local-approved' places to eat in the main stretch of town.

Il Bacio Trattoria 

If you're craving traditional homemade comfort Italian food, then this restaurant in the heart of Bronxville is a must. With a warm ambiance that is somewhere in between casual and formal and sit-down and pick-up service, you can find all kinds of people from families, school children, to neighboring town residents.

My personal favorite is the healthy Avocado pizza with fresh arugula, bruschetta tomatoes, mozzarella, and creamy avocado. Perfected from the in-house brick oven, this slice of pizza will leave you happily satiated.

However, even if you aren't a fan of pizza (which is highly unlikely), you can also find other savory specialty dishes. From the classic spaghetti and ravioli to homemade focaccia sandwiches, there is bound to be a dish for everyone.   

There's even an in-house made Italian gelato and sorbet bar at the front where you can choose from dairy-free fruitier options like raspberry and strawberry to saccharine mint chocolate chip and vanilla. Food in Bronxville couldn't be better.

Address: 1 Park Pl, Bronxville, NY 10708

Il Bacio Trattoria's Website

Park Place Bagels

For the quintessential New York bagel, look no further than Bronxville's beloved bagel shop. By all means, head to New York City for bagels, but there's a reason why this is a go-to spot for locals and not regarded as a run of the mill New York bagel shop.

Here, you can find all kinds of bagels from plain, multi grain, poppy seed to everything, and even flagels (flattened bagels)! However, they all share being crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. Moreover, there are toppings galore: grilled eggs, creamy avocado, an assortment of cream cheese, lox, etc. Whatever your heart desires in a bagel, you'll most likely find it.

You can also choose from distinct mouthwatering sandwiches served on bagels, rolls, wraps, or bread, all sharing witty names like 'Bad Boy' (Chicken cutlet, melted muenster, bacon, lettuce and tomato and mayo) and 'Godfather' (Toasted garlic roll, roast beef and provolone) or the classic BLT (Bacon, lettuce, tomato) and BEC (Bacon, egg, cheese).

For those with a sweet tooth, don't fret because there's also a variety of scrumptious baked goods from chocolate chip muffins to giant sized M&M cookies. 

My personal favorite is a combo of an Iced Coffee with soy milk and a multigrain bagel with avocado and egg whites. Never fails to disappoint.   

Addresses: 9 Park Pl, Bronxville, NY 10708 (Center of town) & 

52 Palmer Ave, Bronxville, NY 10708 (Across from Train Station) 

Park Place Bagel's Website

Playa Bowls

Health nuts will surely be glad to know that Bronxville has been newly graced by this well-known acai bowl food chain. With locations nationwide in Florida, Connecticut, etc., Playa Bowls offers Acai Bowls, smoothies blended with a base of pure Acai, a purple berry from the Brazilian Amazon jungles that has tons of antioxidants and healthy fats, and Pitaya Bowls, smoothies blended with pitaya ('dragon fruit'), banana, pineapple, and coconut milk. Customers can choose from nutritious toppings like fruit, granola, nuts, protein powder, chia seeds, coconut flakes, etc. 

This Acai Bowl joint is so palatable that people often compare it to a healthier less sugary alternative to Frozen Yogurt, which is surely good news for those craving dessert, but wanting to maintain their health. What's great is that you can eat here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and even as a snack. How versatile! Food in Bronxville couldn't be healthier.

My personal favorite is the 8th Ave Acai Bowl (Pure acai topped with granola, banana, honey) with an addition of cacao nibs for a raw chocolate taste. 

Address: 15 Park Place, Bronxville, NY 10708

Playa Bowl's Website


I couldn't end a list of food recommendations without this popular Asian restaurant. Both a bistro and sushi bar, Haiku never fails to satisfy my taste buds. Whether it's freshly made sushi rolls or savory Szechuan Peppercorn White Chicken, this small Pan-Asian eatery has it all. 

There is food from all over Asia: Malayasian Red Curry, Pad Thai Noodles, Salmon Teriyaki, etc. You can dine-in, take out, and even deliver! Service is attentive, so you'll find yourself momentarily in front of appetizing food.

My personal favorites are the California and Avocado rolls. Simple yet delicious and light!

Address: 56 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville NY 10708

Haiku Bronxville's Website