Photo by Hannah Giardina

With walls currently clad with watercolor paintings, many tables, plenty of outlets, three couches, comfy chairs and fast, free wifi, Townshend’s Teahouse is a college student’s dream study space. If you are looking to get off campus, but still have some homework to do, Townshend Teahouse is the place to go.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Townshend’s serves all kinds of tea you can imagine and more: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, chai tea, mate tea, rooibos tea, herbal infusions, bubble tea and Brew Dr. Kombucha. Everything is delicious and worth the five minute steeping wait. When you order the 20-oz or 32-oz servings of hot tea, you will be served an adorable tea pot accompanied by tiny teacups. These two sizes are perfect for sharing or for when plan on spending the afternoon at Townshend’s. You can also purchase loose leaf tea to brew at home.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Here are some of my favorite teas:


Photo by Hannah Giardina

The Lady Londonderry tea, described as “flavorful smooth black tea with a hint of strawberry and lemon,” is my go-to tea. The lemony, strawberry goodness warms me up on a chilly, rainy day and reminds me of summer. It is so tasty, it doesn’t even need to be sweetened. On a hot day, the Pear & Pomegranate black tea is a great iced tea. I have a rather large sweet tooth and usually order it sweetened.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

I love a good latte and Townshend’s delivers. The Moroccan Mint green tea latte with coconut milk makes my mouth water just thinking about it. On first sip, I immediately thought I was drinking liquid white chocolate minty candy.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Townshend’s bubble tea is superb. My favorite combinations are hibiscus green tea with aloe jellies, rose green tea with tapioca pearls and lavender green tea with tapioca pearls. I wish the lavender green tea with tapioca pearls was a bottomless cup, I could drink it all day long. It is also fantastic served hot. Townshend’s also has pastries, miso soup and dessert treats ready to be consumed. Whether you want to warm up to a hot cup of tea or cool down with iced tea, Townshend’s Teahouse is the place to go.


Location41 W. Broadway Ave., Eugene OR 97401
Hours: 9am-10pm