To me, there is almost nothing better than waking up on Saturday and Sunday mornings knowing that Dana brunch is awaiting my near future. During orientation week, my orientation leader excitedly asked our group who was excited for dana breakfast as she raised her hand as high as she could. We all looked at her quizzically, not understanding why she was so passionate about college dining hall food. However, I now share her same enthusiasm and recognize the reasons why everyone should go to dana brunch. Although I enjoy Dana breakfast almost every day, they really step up their game on the weekends. Starting at 10:30, Dana opens their doors to loads of SLU students, all thrilled to enjoy a meal alongside their pals.

Audrey Tao

As my friends and I wake up, we head right on over to Dana and sit at a big, long table. My usual brunch plate consists of cheesy eggs, accompanied by chopped potatoes, and a generous amount of ketchup. Dana brunch always offers either bacon or sausage, so depending on what I am in the mood for, I usually add one of these meats to my plate. I frequently select my muffin of choice, ranging from flavors such as poppy seed, pumpkin nut, and chocolate (my personal favorites). If I decide to nix the muffin, I go for an apple with peanut butter or an orange. Because ice is rarely accessible while living in a college dorm, getting two large glasses of ice water is a must. If my friends and I don’t feel like making the two-minute drive to Dunkin Donuts (the weekends tend to bring out the laziness in us all), I make an iced coffee at Dana. My coffee routine begins by filling my glass up to the brim with ice, then pouring hot coffee over it, leaving enough room for a little bit of almond milk and a single packet of sugar and/or alternative sweeteners. Once all of these steps have been executed, I am completely stuffed and usually not even hungry for dinner.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Besides the amazing food that Dana brunch has to offer, it also serves as a time for friends to be social and enjoy their mornings together. These are just a to name a few of the many reasons why everyone should go to Dana brunch. I am already counting down the days until we can all enjoy Dana breakfast next weekend and it’s not even Monday yet!

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