I often think farmers markets are not my style. I don’t try to eat all organic or vegan or even vegetarian, but going to South Pearl Street in Denver Colorado on Sunday October 25th was a really good move by me. Here is why.

Free Samples.

At said farmers market, I left completely full after only buying one tomato. How? Each stand there was enthusiastic about their product. Sellers wanted their name out there. What better way to do that then to get totally obsessed with the taste of their food? I’m a girl on a budget, so taking advantage of every food sample offered was right up my alley.

Photo by Abigail Sheppard

If you do want to buy something, get some lunch.

My mouth was watering at the options. Seriously. There were multiple food trucks and a taco stand that was to die for. If you have the money to spend, this is the place.

Photo by Abigail Sheppard

The food is not only unique, but fresh.

The food at the Old South Pearl Street Farmers market is one of a kind. The vegetables are fresh and local. I tried a cheese dip that was completely vegan. The options are endless.

Photo by Abigail Sheppard

Your sweet tooth will thank you.

If you love desserts just as much as I do, this is another reason to beeline to the market. There were a few stands of baked goods that looked so wonderful and fresh. Again, if you have some money you’d like to spend: this is the place.

Photo by Abigail Sheppard

There you have it folks. Though I don’s feel like that crunchy granola girl who can pull off that Sunday morning farmers market trip, I made the trek and was amazed. I highly recommend. The market is going to be open until Sunday, November 15th. Get there if you can. If not, there’s always next May, when it will reopen.