Anytime my friends and I are a little hungover Sunday morning, we always pull together for a family brunch at Henry’s.  Trust me, Henry’s is the ultimate hangover cure.  Whenever I leave I feel full, satisfied, and somewhat hyped up because I probably just ingested five cups of coffee.  Not only do they provide a menu full of mouth watering dishes, but their wait staff is always super friendly, and their prices really aren’t too bad.  Here are the top reasons Henry’s will be your new hangover savior:

1. The Drinks

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From the dank coffee in their classic Henry’s mugs, to their warm apple cider Henry’s has amazing drinks.  They have milkshakes in crazy good flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  And their juice selection is on point.  Not to mention their hot chocolate is to die for.

2. The Vermonter

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Eggs, hash browns, corned beef, the Vermonter is a full meal not for the faint of heart.  But trust me, it’s crazy delicious and worth every bite.

3. Breakfast Sandwiches

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Henry’s offers a build your own Breakfast Sandwich and I swear to god it is my personal heaven.  Bagels or English muffin, bacon or ham, they have endless options and all of them are delicious.  The Breakfast Sandwich is truly one of my personal go-to’s and it’s pretty cheap too only about 7 or 8 dollars with a  drink.  Plus: they come with hash browns.

4. Their Ridiculous Omelets

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Not only does Henry have all the tradition one egg/ two egg with cheese omelet, but they also have some crazy amazing one.  For instance the three meat with Vermont cheese omelet is crazy delicious.  Because lets face it, three meats in an omelet, need I say more?

5. Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

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The biscuits are soft and delicious, the gravy has bacon in it, and it’s topped off with a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg.  This meal is straight up delicious.

6. Vermont Turkey Club

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The Vermont Turkey Club is truly the perfect mix of meat and vegetables, all wrapped up in between two slices of warm toasted bread.  Not only does this sandwich have both turkey and bacon, in addition it comes along with some super sweet cold slaw to wrap it all up.  Throw in their crispy fries and it’s deliciousness levels literally go off the chart.

7. Waffles

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A wise woman named Leslie Knope once said that there are three important things in life: friends, waffles, and work.  This is true, waffles are essential to a good life and are amazing when you’re hungover.  The waffles at Henry’s Diner are fluffy, yet crispy, warm, and delicious.  If you have a major sweet tooth like me pile on the whipped cream and strawberries- the sweeter the better!

8. Eggs Benedict

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Two poached eggs perfectly placed upon fried Canadian bacon with a toasted English muffin, all topped with Henry’s delicious hollandaise sauce.  It’s truly delicious and one of Henry’s best dishes.  To top it all off, you get home fries too!

9. French Toast

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Now I know that everybody loves waffles and pancakes, but French toast is kind of the delicious underdog of the breakfast food community.  Henry’s French Toast is always fluffy yet crunchy, and charmingly tasty.  It is definitely a treat everyone should try.