I recently stumbled across a delightful food truck called The Peached Tortilla.


Photo by Gabby Phi

By the time we arrived at the food truck, about an hour before closing, it was obvious this food truck was not overrated because almost everything on the menu was sold out. A little disappointed, my friend ordered the JapaJam burger and I went with a BBQ Brisket Taco and Bacon Jam Fries. A few bites in and suddenly, we weren’t disappointed anymore. The JapaJam burger ($6.46) features a 1/3 lb beef patty with jalapeño jack cheese and a fried egg. The patty is smothered with a sweet  Japanese BBQ sauce and a tomato jam reminiscent of a sweeter, lighter version of ketchup. This glorious shebang is topped off with tempura-battered onion strings, which adds a satisfying crunch (and extra messiness) to the mountain of sauces, meat and doughy bun.


Photo by Gabby Phi


Photo by Gabby Phi

The brisket taco ($3) was another highlight. The brisket itself was tender and juicy; its smoky and savory flavor contrasted wonderfully with the peach BBQ sauce and  the sweet, crunchy apple coleslaw (and I’m usually not a coleslaw fan).


Photo by Gabby Phi

I crammed the little space I had left in my stomach with Bacon Jam Fries ($5.77). The geniuses at The Peached Tortilla begin with Belgian fries tossed in Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper before adding a fried egg, green onions and drizzles of Sriracha mayonnaise.


Photo by Gabby Phi

The fries’ namesake—”the bacon jam”— did not disappoint. The jam, which is charmed with bacon bits, created a surprisingly delicious sauce when paired with the fries. And once the egg was ruptured, the creamy yolk created even more sauce to dip fries into. Other must-try menu items include the Banh-Mi taco, sliders with braised pork belly, and the Chinese BBQ taco. The Peached Tortilla has already won numerous accolades since it launched in 2010. Despite all its merits, the truck can be slightly elusive. A physical restaurant is opening in fall 2014 at 5520 Burnet Road, but until then you can pinpoint the trucks’ whereabouts here. Just be sure to get to there early—the only bad thing that could happen here is that the popular food items leave the truck faster than you leave your house.


Location and Hours: check the schedule here.