This past Monday evening was my favorite day of the year. No, it wasn't my birthday—it was Drake's. Aubrey Graham, who goes by Drake, turned 30 on October 24, and the good people at the newly-dubbed Raw Material (formerly known as Black Tree) knew it was a reason to celebrate.

The menu, which was titled "If You're Not Eating This, It's Too Late," featured dishes that were largely based on Drake's very own lyrics.

One of the dishes we had the pleasure of sampling, the Double Fried Curry Chicken Leg With Curry French Fries, was based on Drake's song "0 to 100" in which he raps, "Chef Curry with the pot, boy/360 with the wrist, boy." If you come through my kitchen on a Sunday, you'll probably hear me rapping it as well.

The real MVP that night wasn't just the entire bottle of Ruffino Prosecco (@ruffinowines) we downed in honor of Champagne Papí; it was the NSFW Burger Bomb. This burger, while cooked to perfection, was topped with a cheese-filled bun. Yeah, you read that right. A cheese-filled bun. YOLO.

After eating to our heart's content, we were able to sit back and take in all the Drake tunes that were playing on loop in the restaurant during our dining experience. #Blessed

Overall, I would say Raw Material's (@raw_material_nyc) birthday celebration was a huge success—and special shoutout to Chef Sandy Dee (and the gorgeous husky, Momo) for having us.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been an actual appearance from Drake himself—I mean, hey, a girl can dream.