For my weekly Asian food fix, I went to Ramen-san to have some supposedly high-quality ramen. When my friend and I first reached the restaurant, the outside made it look a bit small since the windows occupied only a small space in the row of shops.

When we went inside, I realized that this restaurant was packed. There was a small crowd gathered in front of the counter waiting to get seated. I made a reservation, but we still had to wait around five minutes because there were almost no tables left. So, I recommend that if you want to enjoy a nice meal without waiting too long, make a reservation!

This restaurant is a popular spot, so it's better to be safe than to wait at least an hour to finally get to eat.

Otherwise, the depth of the shop compensated for the comparatively small width of the room. Most of the area was occupied by wooden high tables and diner-style cubicles while a bar was situated for the rest (about one-third) of the room.

Although it might be because we went on a Friday night, the music they played was slightly loud and sounded like trendy lounge music that gave the place a bar/late-night/adult vibe.

Despite being busy, the service was fast and good. They explained the menu to first-timers and were prompt in everything they did. The dinner menu was straightforward, containing appetizers, buns, dumplings, some drinks, and ramen. For drink enthusiasts, there was a separate and more extensive list of alcohol on the cocktail menu.

I ordered a Tonkotsu Ramen ($14) while my friend ordered a Kimchi & Fried Chicken Ramen ($16). The atmosphere makes it acceptable to order alcoholic drinks, but unfortunately we didn't because we were minors (maybe next time!).

The food came after around 15 minutes, which I consider impressive especially for a restaurant as busy as this one. When I tried my ramen, I was actually very amazed by the taste.

Coming from Singapore, an Asian food hub, I wasn't expecting much. But, the ramen wasn't heavy, which is a common problem I find for ramen, and the taste was authentic. The portion was big enough, and the price was fine since my ramen also contained three large pieces of chashu pork. My ramen wasn't spicy, but if you like spicy food, the Kimchi and Fried Chicken ramen can satisfy that craving.

Overall, if you don't mind a little waiting in the beginning and a slightly noisy setting, I would definitely recommend going to Ramen-san. They have food all (ra)men and women would drool for!