Every Friday, my best friend and I take a trip down to Central Market for lunch and to buy some cheese we’ll need to accompany our wine for that weekend, we call these very special days Central Market Fridays.

On one lovely Friday afternoon, we made our ritual trip, eager to try new flavors of the best cheeses we’ve ever had. As we made our way through the aisles of countless homemade delicacies, I came across a small stand that instantly drew me in. I’m not sure if it was the tea or the bar part that attracted me most, but either way, I knew I had stumbled upon something special when I found the PureBlend Tea Bar.

Photo courtesy of Pureblend Tea Bar on Facebook.com

I took a look at the menu and was pretty overwhelmed at first. I’ve always loved tea and this stand sure had plenty of it in every form and flavor you could ever imagine in your tea-filled dreams. There was iced tea, hot tea, shaken iced tea, hot tea lattes, chai tea lattes, matcha lattes, and most surprisingly, beverages made with raw cocoa.

On top of these many ways to get your tea, there were flavors such as honey, vanilla, lavender, coconut, caramel, peppermint, and literally a selection of maybe 20 more that you could use to personalize your beverage. I was obsessed.

I was pretty clueless as to what flavors went well together, so I asked the sales-person. I knew I wanted a matcha iced latte mixed with something sweet, so she suggested to add vanilla, and so I did and I never looked back.

From that moment, I was hooked on the only green drink you’re likely to ever see me indulge in. There’s a certain euphoria I get when watching my beloved tea master hand shake my customized treat right before my eyes, as if this little sip of heaven was made specially for me.

Photo courtesy of Pureblend Tea Bar on Facebook.com

Every Central Market Friday, I make my way over to the tea bar and order myself something to sip while perusing the stands. Normally, I finish my drink in five minutes, and I’m pretty sure on one occasion I ordered a second. No shame here folks.

I try my best to order something new every time, especially the raw cocoa drinks which just fascinate me to no end. Needless to say, the Tea Bar never disappoints, and I’ve even turned some of my friends on to their steeping specialties.

Photo courtesy of Pureblend Tea Bar on Facebook.com

And when the weather starts to turn colder, I take home a few of their pre-packaged loose-leaf teas to make for myself at home. These guys are equally as fascinating and delicious with flavors such as Alice in Wonderland, Raspberry Sangria, Egyptian Lime Hibiscus, Earl Grey Symphony and so on…

They even sell matcha, chai and raw cocoa in several sized containers at their locations as well as in their online store for those who like to make their own creations at home. The best part? All ingredients are organic and fair trade.

Bottom line, PureBlend Tea Bar is my go-to for a quick drink in Downtown Lancaster, especially when I can venture into Central Market. With dozens of flavor combinations, you’re sure to try something new and delicious with every visit.