There is truly no place like Prague. With its dramatic architecture, cobblestone streets, historic castles, and beer that's often cheaper than water, this Bohemian city is one of the most extraordinary in Europe. After completing an internship in Prague this past summer, I rounded up five of the best restaurants with an incredible view and food in the Czech capital.

1. Terasa U Prince

Jenna Moxley

This rooftop terrace at the Hotel U Prince is located in the heart of Old Town Square. Settle into your seat to watch the Astronomical Clock and tourists down below while savoring an incredible meal. Reserve early though, as this is one of the most popular spots in Prague. 

shrimp, seafood, prawn, shellfish, scampi
Jenna Moxley

2. OBLACA Restaurant

beer, wine, coffee, tea
Jenna Moxley

Located in the Žižkov TV Tower, Oblaca, which translates to "the clouds," can be seen from all around Prague. Whether you stop in for an evening cocktail (their liquid nitrogen cosmopolitans are insane) or a luxurious meal (like the stuffed quail below), you'll be guaranteed quite the experience at 66 meters up in the sky.

Jenna Moxley

3. Ginger & Fred

Jenna Moxley

You can find Ginger & Fred on the seventh floor of the Dancing House, which is one of the must-see architectural sights in Prague. The restaurant itself overlooks the Vltava river, Petrin Hill, and so much more. You won't want to miss out on these first-class dishes either.

fish, seafood
Jenna Moxley


CODA Restaurant boasts a stunning rooftop terrace that overlooks all of Prague with its 360 degree views. Located in the Mala Strana district, this restaurant offers multiple traditional Czech dishes in addition to international favorites.

5. Hergetova Cihelna

Riverside dining is another tempting option in Prague. This is the more affordable sister restaurant of the fine dining establishment Kampa Park Restaurant, and it has an even better view. The outdoor terrace on the bank of the Vltava offers an up-close view of the famous Charles Bridge as well as tasty Czech and international fare.