Parents weekend was around the corner, and I needed to find a Poughkeepsie restaurant I could take my mom to that would impress. I asked around for recommendations and a friend spoke of the Nic L Inn. Perplexed by the name, I looked up their menu and immediately knew this was the place. Besides being an established wine cellar, most of their ingredients are locally sourced from the scenic Hudson Valley, an element that always makes an average restaurant a great one. 


The restaurant is located right on the Hudson River on the outskirts of Poughkeepsie. We almost drove passed it, save for the small "Bistro" sign. When you walk inside, one immediately gets a modern, tasteful vibe. There is a bar with seating in one room, with the main dinning room in the other. The room was small, with only six or seven tables. The table we sat at was raised and we sat on tall, low backed chairs. On the wall behind us was a blackboard with the daily specials written in chalk. 

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Denise Uy


Originally I was not planning on consuming an appetizer, but after hearing the specials I could not resist ordering the newly-picked heirloom tomato with homemade burrata cheese, topped with balsamic and fresh herbs. When the plate arrived, I was in awe, the color was vibrant and the presentation was picturesque. The tomato was crisp and paired perfectly with the burrata that gushed once cut into. I couldn't wait to try my main course. 

Annika Rowland

Main Course

It was difficult to choose a main course because of the many tempting options, from homemade pasta to marinated steak, but I finally settled on the grilled salmon served with shitake mushroom and haricot vert quinoa with rosemary pesto drizzle. The salmon was flakey and melted in my mouth like only the perfectly cooked salmon does. The rosemary pesto added great flavor, I ended up mixing it into the quinoa for a satisfying result. I was feeling quite full by the time I finished, but dessert was a must. 

Annika Rowland


There were several delectable options to try for dessert, from key lime pie in a jar to a salted caramel chocolate tart. I went with the special, creme brûlée cheesecake. The cheesecake was served round, like the shape of traditional creme brûlée, and even had the crunch of torched sugar on top. It was served with light, homemade whipped cream, which paired perfectly with the creaminess of the cake. I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and full of fresh, local food. 

Annika Rowland

If you are ever looking for a unique Poughkeepsie restaurant with bold flavors, fresh tastes, and a local vibe, head to the Nic L Inn for a meal you will not forget.