If you're anything like me, then you know that salty and savory, not sweet, are the true heroes of snacking. If you're even more like me, you probably crave french fries at least once a day. If you're the most like me, then you've been wishing for some more exciting fry options than what can be found on the other side of your typical drive-thru window. Well good news, fellow fry lover! Potato Hub is now open in Gainesville, and they're ready to take you on a delicious journey.

Potato Hub has a pretty impressive menu, and while you can get chicken wings and nuggets here, too, I was really rooting for the fries. You have a choice of a straight or curly fry base with nearly 20 flavors to pick from, like truffle, garlic parmesan, honey sriracha, and even roasted seaweed. You can also mix it up with some add-ons and free sauces to really customize your snacking experience. Naturally, I had to pay Potato Hub a visit with some friends to try out a few fun fry combinations (you know, for science).

Combo #1: BBQ Curly Fries

Marina Pezzella

One fellow Spoonie who accompanied me on this potato pilgrimage went with curly fries and a classic barbecue flavor. They were really good! It was like eating a BBQ potato chip, but somehow a little more meaty. Instead of just sauce, it almost tasted like eating food that had been barbecued... but on a french fry. Who knew? For a pretty standard option, I don't have any issues to hash out here. These fries were great.

Combo #2: Ranch o' Cheddar Straight Fries

Marina Pezzella

This combination was surprisingly sweet and balanced considering the fact that it combined two pretty strong flavors. I was concerned that these fries would just taste like starchy ranch dressing with a tiny bit of cheese, but that wasn't the case at all (thank goodness). Combined with some of their truly fantastic spicy mayo, these fries were almost good enough to make me convert from curly fries...almost. Still, I would taterly have these again!

Combo #3: Sour Cheese Curly Fries

Marina Pezzella

First, stop. I know what you're thinking, and no this flavor wasn't super gross. At Potato Hub, "sour cheese" is actually just a name for the combo of sour cream and cheese, which are two of my favorite things. These fries were, in my deep-fried opinion, the best of the three combinations that we tried (the real starch of the show, if you will). They were beyond addictive, and reminded me of a sour cream and onion chip's cooler, more exciting cousin.

Final Tots

Marina Pezzella

If you're a regular potato fiend and are looking for something to make your taste buds spudder with delight, you should give Potato Hub a try! Their delicious french fry menu is rooted in unique flavors, fun toppings, and shareable (or not) portions that make the trip worth the embarrassment of salivating in public while they make your food. So chip in with some friends and treat yourself!

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