Popcorn for the People is a non-profit organization based out of Piscataway, New Jersey that provides meaningful employment for people with autism and other disabilities. The company hires and trains these individuals so they have marketable skills and a paying job. 

The unemployment rate for individuals with autism is 80%. This is significantly higher than the 6.7% civilian unemployment rate of the United States reported in November 2020.

When employed, people with autism often work part-time jobs or jobs that they are overqualified or uninterested in. The opportunities are limited and vary depending on your geographic location. That's why, Popcorn for the People is trying to combat this ingrained inequality, which they are doing by creating more job opportunities for individuals with autism. The best way to support their mission is to order some of their popcorn!

Dia Mahesh

Fulfill Your Craving

The company makes and sells 11 flavors of popcorn, including fun and unique flavors such as cookies and cream, dark chocolate espresso, and french toast. The popcorn is available in bags and different sized gold or silver tins, up to 6.5 gallons for the flavor you can't get enough of. Not only does Popcorn for the People sell popcorn, but they also sell merchandise. You could be walking around with a Popcorn for the People long sleeve t-shirt and/or bag! The business also provides popcorn  for parties and events, weddings, corporate gifts, and wholesale purposes.

I tried 6 of their popcorn flavors: dark chocolate espresso, french toast, butter, caramel, cookies and cream, and chicago baked cheddar. I was surprised that even though I don't like coffee, dark chocolate espresso was one of my favorites!

I definitely would recommend this to others and am looking forward to trying the rest of their flavors as well. Popcorn wasn't the only thing I got; As a fun bonus, when you order, a card lets you know which individual made your popcorn as well.

Thanks Sorabh for the mouth watering snack! 

Dia Mahesh

Learn More

Popcorn for the People has received a lot of attention and media coverage for their mission.

Check out the footage from Fox Sports at an Eagles vs. Cowboys game or the segment from New York Live.

Read other articles written about the business on American Autism Foundation or Mental Floss. The rest of their media can be found on their website, including their blog, where you can learn more about popcorn and the flavors they use.

Go follow Popcorn for the People on social media, and order some popcorn from their website!

Website: popcornforthepeople.com

Instagram: @popcornforthepeople

Facebook: Popcorn for People

Twitter: @popcorn4people

Pinterest: @popcornforthepeople

Dia Mahesh