This weekend is not only Cougar Football Saturday (CFS), but it is also College GameDay! If you go to Washington State University or attended in the past, you know how important this day is for us Cougs. With the day being so long, everyone's bound to get hungry at some point in time, so here are a few places you should hit up this Saturday on game day: 

1. The Coug 

Location: 900 NE Colorado St. 

The Coug is a bar located on Greek row. On a normal CFS, The Coug opens at 10 AM; however, since it is College GameDay, they will be opening at 6 AM. For those that will be up even earlier, they will be serving coffee outside The Coug at 4 AM. Have a beer and a burger while you are there!

2. Munchy'Z

Need a late night snack after the game? Munchy'Z is located right outside The Coug on the corner under their Munchy'Z tent. Hit up Munchy'z for a delicious hot dog made to your liking. 

3. Muncheez Truck

Gianna Chen

Location : 515 NE Colorado St.

Although the name Muncheeze sounds like the name Munchy'Z, they are two different places. Muncheeze Truck is a food truck that sells a variety of different sandwiches made to be cheesy.  This food truck is owned by a member of Phi Kappa Sigma (PKS), so you can find them parked out in front of their fraternity.

4. Valhalla Bar & Grill

Location: 1000 NE Colorado St.

Valhalla Bar & Grill is similar to The Coug; however, they have more options when it comes to food. You can enjoy some burgers, sandwiches, wings, and drinks with your buddies starting at 11 AM. 

5. Insomnia Cookie

Location: 902 NE Colorado St. 

Got a craving for sweets? Head on over to Insomnia Cookies where their cookies are warm and fresh. If you are too lazy to go in, get cookies delivered to you! It's all very simple and fast. 

6. Cougar Country 

Location: 760 N Grand Ave. 

Cougar Country has been around since 1973 and is a great place to go with your friends and family. Get a quick bite this game day!

7. Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe

Location: 2035 Ferdinand's Ln

Ferdinand's will be open this Saturday from 12:30 pm- 4:30 pm,  so if you are in need of some ice cream prior to the game, go on over to Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe. It is also walking distance from the stadium and is a perfect snack break between tailgating!

This weekend is about to be a weekend we will never forget. Cougar Football Saturday AND College GameDay, what more could we ask for? With all the places listed above, where do you think you will be hitting up this Saturday?