Besides a good GPA, being involved in clubs, and living a year in a stuffy freshman dorm room, you CANNOT consider yourself a true UConn Husky until you dine at these five local hotspots.

Blaze Pizza

Courtney Stewart

Blaze Pizza is the most important concept that could've been created. You order in a style very similar to Chipotle where the employee walks you down a line filled with a variety of options where you can craft the pizza of your dreams.

The pizzas are cooked in a coal fire oven right in front of you and are out in as little as five minutes. These personalized pizzas are a weekend must have.

Dog Lane Café

Courtney Stewart

Dog Lane Café lays right on the corner of Dog Lane in Storrs Center. This cozy diner has a lengthy menu that even the pickiest eater can find a plate on.

The decor makes it feel homey, and there is even a fish tank! This place is great to take visiting family and friends.

D.P. Dough

Olivia Bria

Is it even worth coming to UConn if there isn't a little D.P. Dough?

D.P. Dough is a calzone wonderland. Anything you could want in a calzone, you can put it in it here: mac and cheese, BBQ sauce, steak, chicken parm, ANYTHING.

From dinner time to 3 am, you can satisfy your cheese craving at any time.

Gansett Wraps

Courtney Stewart

Gansett Wraps is where you can get a quick, healthy, and refreshing lunch. This is the best chicken caesar wrap you are going to find that isn't in the Student Union.

Gansett also has a lengthy menu including many things besides wraps. You can find subs, soups, and salads if you're missing the home deli vibes.

Geno's Grille

Olivia Bria

If you're looking for a classy night out, Geno's is the best and closest place. This location is different than the others because it's solely dinner and bar, and not an easy grab and go.

This restaurant offers gourmet Italian food at a reasonable cost. Getting its name from the famous women's basketball coach, it is even more popular for its fame factor. Geno Auriemma even drops in to say hello to the UConn visitors or brings his recruits to dine with him!

This restaurant is perfect for birthdays and special events. Go and see if you can find Geno! Definitely a must on the UConn bucket list.

This weekend, visit your favorite of these five locations and see what you've been missing. Consider yourself a husky and divulge yourself in all these Italian foods café sweets!