Follow any date rule, food remains a constant influencing parameter. Food is a fantastic gift of nature that also provides an environment, the aroma, the essence and the whole mood surrounding you. Patiala offers a wide range of restaurants and street food-junctions to choose from, which indeed is baffling.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Patiala for a refreshing date:


Firstly, why street food over restaurants? Quite unanticipated but street food junctions give you an escape route from certain kind of awkwardness. (Also, because why burn a hole in your pocket?)

1. 22 no. Phatak: You can go for oily snacks with tikkas and amritsari kulcha , or to street fresh basics like golgappa,paapdi chaat. What one should not miss though, according to me would be the ravishing "Grover's" paav bhaaji.

2. YPS Road: On the other hand if your partner likes to "Roll", visiting the road full of mobile roll factory will be delightful. What would be more intriguing is the "Cafe Chokolade" , literally bridging street and proper cafe food.

3. Shera-Wala Gate: Well! Its Patiala, and you cannot miss this place, especially the cream and calorie rich Patiala Shahi Lassi. Don't forget dunking those barfis , and you can call a cheat day if you are on a diet, and trust me, it will be totally worth it!

Do look out for "Punjabi Chulha Dhaba", "Dharma Da Dhaba " and "Rajindra ke Parathe" if you are a food freak and very comfortable with your partner, simply because handling the tempting food overloaded with ghee would be biting off more than you can chew.


If you are looking for a place to play your charms out and persuade your partner to open up, especially if the believe in "booze power" is mutual, here presenting to you :

1. The Brew Estate: Options of seating arrangements build up an intimate environment. The unique inter-continental cuisines, along with some mouth-watering shakes and mock tails provide an ideal date setup.

If you are a little low on budget "Ignite bar and lounge" can be a cheaper substitute

2. The Yellow Chillies: The brand Sanjeev Kapoor justifies it all. If you are looking for more of a sober place , check out this place for a more comforting ambience and sizzling food. Zafran is an option but critical views on late services may be a spoiler.


Be it exams or dates, coffee never fails to keep mind active. So if you are looking for soothing coffee aroma and baguettes for a date, go for Cafe Coffee Day. Dunkin Donuts will solve the same purpose if its the ring you and your partner wants.Boston Bites will be a pleasant ride for Italian lovers who look to deviate from regular Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Look around, there are plenty of places , but finding an apt one for the day may be difficult.The key, therefore, is to look for comfort , so finalise a place you are acquainted with, and make it more about sharing stories and making memories than just food.