To survive those long college nights, everyone knows that drinking a cup of coffee is a must. Since college takes every penny from the students, getting a cheap coffee in Tucson is essential. If you don't want to make your own cup of joe at home then knowing where to find a small cup of coffee in Tucson that won't break the bank is a must. Here are 7 places to get a cheap cup of coffee in Tucson.

1. Bentley's House of Coffee & Tea

This funky place offers a variety of coffee, teas and food. As for a small cup of house blend coffee, it will cost $1.75.

2. Revolutionary Grounds

Located on 4th Ave., this coffee shop doubles as a bookstore making it an even cooler place to get a small cup of coffee. Pick up a book and grab some java for the price of $1.75.

3. Civano Coffee House

This cute little place prides itself on being in the heart of the Civano neighborhood. Not only do they offer a small cup of house coffee for $1.75, but they have a variety of pastries to munch on.

4. Laverna's Coffee Shop

Not only can you get a bottomless cup of coffee for $1.60, but you can also get breakfast. Pancakes and cheap endless coffee? Sounds like a good deal. Their pancakes are bigger than a face!

5. World Wide Wrappers

Wraps aren't the only thing that this place specializes in. They offer a small cup of coffee for $1.65. Grab a breakfast or lunch wrap to chow down on while enjoying a low priced cup of coffee.

6. Le Buzz Caffe

They describe themselves as a "European style espresso bar and patisserie," so the coffee has to be great. What makes it better is that a 12 oz., coffee of the day is only $1.65

8. Coffee X Change

What makes this place interesting is that it was founded by a University of Arizona graduate, and has been operated by two generations of U of A alumni. This makes it the perfect place for students to grab a small cup of today's brew for $1.85.

What are you waiting for? Get your day started with a cheap cup of coffee by visiting one of these many places.