Right on the waterfront of Boston, the North End is filled with history, sights, and most importantly-- food! Whether you’re a local seeking out more places to explore, or a tourist trying to get a taste of Boston, this list has got you covered. For a place that won’t even allow a single Starbucks, you already know we’re talking one of a kind, high end cuisine. If Italian is your thing, this Little Italy will house all your faves between the hundreds of restaurants, bakeries and spectacular gelato. From grab-and-go pastries to more intimate sit down dinners, here are seven great places to eat in the North End:

1. Regina Pizzeria

I think many stand behind me when I say that this is the best brick oven pizza in Boston-- let alone just the North End. From the meat lovers to the vegetarians, don't worry about trying to find the perfect topping. If you're on the go, they sell huge slices for you to take with you. Or, if you have time to kill, get a pie with friends and dine in. 

2. The Daily Catch

Don’t be deceived by the size of this sea food restaurant, because this tiny spot is truly a hidden gem. With food prepared less than ten feet away from your seat, you can admire your chef making any seafood platter or pasta dinner that you desire. This establishment is  well known for their calamari. Served to you on a steaming hot pan, (not to mention in big portions,) you can indulge in seafood like a true New Englander. 

3. Mike’s Pastry

A strong competitor to the Modern Pastry located just down the street, Mike's Pastry is well known in the area. If you don’t pass at least five people holding the distinct Mike’s Pastry box, then you probably didn’t spend enough time in the North End. These two pastry shops are insanely popular for a reason; Mike’s and Modern have the most massive and phenomenal cannolis you could dream of. With every possible filling and flavor, these cannolis will meet your deepest cravings and definitely satisfy your post-dinner sweet tooth.

4. Antico Forno

Pasta, pizza, vegetables, meat, fish, and other authentic Italian entrees -- you name it and it’s here. This place is perfect for a night out when you have plenty of time to dine. With a casual and cozy atmosphere, this is the perfect place to eat with a couple of friends or family.  

5. Thinking Cup

This coffee shop is perfect for an afternoon break after walking around the city. With fashionable lattes, (which no one can resist snapping a photo of,) and a large menu of hot and cold beverages, you can enjoy in the aesthetic atmosphere. There is also a variety of pastries and small lunch options.

6. Mamma Maria

This cozy corner is a great place to visit when you're feeling fancy but also comfortable in spending some of your latest paycheck. Feel free to dress up and share this upscaled experience with someone special. This high-end restaurant will definitely help to expand your palate with some of their signature dishes.

7. Café Victoria

This cute café is a great stop a as you’re finishing up your fantastic day in the North End. Their gelato is pretty popular for its fantastic taste and richness, but you can also feel free to have any other dessert or beverage they have to offer -- they are all awesome!

Boston has so much to explore and is truly my favorite city, despite my hometown bias. Being home for the summer and spending a lot of time in the city, I've grown to appreciate all that it has to offer. I know tons of people from the Boston area attend UMD and are probably familiar with this area ,or even know some of these spots and many more in the North End. If you ever find yourself in the area, hop on the T (green or orange line) and make sure to check out a couple of these places to eat in the North End.