Pizza is pretty much its own food group, so here's a guide for where to go to enjoy your pizza in Kansas city for every occasion imaginable.

Best places for pizza when you're drunk

You went out, drank a little more than you expected, then next thing you know comes the munchies. Here are two great places to go close to the two closest bar areas in Kansas City: Westport and Power and Light District

1. Westport: Joe's Pizza 

With pizza by the slice right in the heart of Westport, this is the place to go when you start craving the grease in pizza. One of their classics is adding a little sugar to your pizza, honey, which is bound to sweeten things up a bit.

2. Power and Light District: Pizza Bar

Looking for a place to go out and get drinks while getting pizza at the same time? Look no further than Pizza Bar. Score a happy hour and get your friends and you no-cover entry and discounted drinks.


1. Pizza 51

Located right across from the dorms on the Volker campus, Pizza 51 is a prime location to pick up pizza quick in between classes or when you want something besides the awful cafeteria food. Once you go once, it is hard to not go again due to its convenience and tastiness.

2. Sarpino's Pizza

Busy cramming for exams? Sarpino's pizza offers delivery until 4 am 365 days a year, and the best part is that it is free. Their calzones are also a must-try.

Family in Town

1. Spin Pizza

If you have younger siblings and their antsy and hate waiting long for their food, Spin is the place to go. Order the pizza at the table and wait in the family-style dinner booths for a few minutes, and the food will come out and is sure to not disappoint. Plus: This is also located within a few minutes from Volker campus, so you won't have to travel far.

2. 1889 Pizza Napoletana

This offers an open-kitchen approach and you and your family get to each pick your own toppings and other condiments for your pizza be assembled onto your pizza right in front of your eyes. The unique experience will make you wanting to come back and is definitely a place to celebrate pizza in Kansas City for every occasion.

Date Night

1. Ill Lazzarone

With one location in the River Market, this offers a unique stop after a possible trip on the Kansas City Streetcar and a walk in front of the Riverfront Park. The restaurant offers a comfortable atmosphere, and one of the favorites includes the classic Margherita with the wood-fire flavor.

2. Coal Vines

Located on the Plaza, this brings New York Style pizza to Kansas City. Additionally, with its other options, such as salmon and pasta, it offers other options just in case your date is a non-pizza lover. However, if you ask me, if you don't like pizza, I don't think you can be trusted.

Have other pizza locations that you like to go to? We want to here from you about your favorite pizza places in Kansas City for every occasions. Connect with us @spoon_umkc or via Facebook.