It was during a snowstorm when my photographer and I decided to venture to Peter’s Pub for the first time in our lives. You can imagine our surprise to find the pub teeming with a myriad of people there to eat, drink, watch some football and have a good time on a freezing Saturday afternoon.

Despite the relentless snow and the sub-arctic temperature, the pub is easily accessible because of its pristine location (it’s smack dab in the heart of Oakland between Fifth and Forbes). The dark finishing added to the cabin-like yet classy vibe and the establishment embraced us with its heat and cordial energy.

Peter’s Pub serves classic bar food from burgers to quesadillas. Everything on the menu looked pretty much good enough to dish out my money for, so I had to ask the waitress for a recommendation.

peter's pub

Photo by Abby Wang

With her tips in mind and my passion for spicy delectables, I ordered the buffalo chicken wrap with a side of sweet potato fries. The wrap was a simple yet splendid combo of pepper jack cheese, warm chicken grilled (on point) and tangy hot sauce. I firmly believe that you can judge an eatery by its fries. The ones at Peter’s deserved a solid A, consisting of perfect thickness and length.

The menu isn’t limited by heavy foods, like the Reuben and the to-die-for cardiac burger (its name is derived from its ingredients: pepperoni, bacon, ham, American cheese and egg, all nicely nested on top of a beef patty). There are lighter or vegetarian options for everyone, including the garden burger and the portobello mushroom and pepper salad.

peter's pub

Photo by Abby Wang

The price altogether was under $10, but if you’re really looking to get nice $5 entrée deals make sure to drop by after 5 pm on weekdays. Some of Peter’s most notable features also include:

1. $7 bucket of beers

2. Daily lunch specials on weekdays

3. Wednesday night = country night

4. The glorious horns that mark your passage into achieving the American milestone of the legal drinking age

5. The only bar in Oakland to have a dope upstairs club to express yourself in a creative dance fashion

6. Unlimited free popcorn (in the back corner by the bathrooms)

peter's pub

Photo by Tuck Ho

These features were certainly enough to attract the Fresh Prince during his stay in Pittsburgh while he was filming the movie Concussion coming to theaters in 2015.

peter's pub

Gif courtesy of

Next time you’re craving catch-free popcorn, $5 burgers on Thursdays or $2.50 happy hour bargains (on all drafts, Fridays from 5 pm-7 pm), consider heading over to Peter’s Pub. Your full Pitt experience won’t be complete without at least one trip here.


Location: 116 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Hours of Operation: Open every day from 11 am – 2 am

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