Although Austin has its fair share of healthy spots and food trucks, Picnik is certainly making a name for itself with its quick, easy and tasty Paleo grub. If you aren’t up to date on the most recent dietary eating trends, you may have no idea what “Paleo” is. The Paleo diet basically means you eat the way the cavemen did. So if they didn’t eat it, you can’t eat it either. This means no grains, sugar, processed food and sometimes dairy too. Cutting these things out of your diet can lead to a seriously healthy lifestyle and huge weight loss if you’re looking to do so.

Picnik focuses on serving natural, grass-fed and pasteurized ingredients that are convenient and also delicious. I tried the mocha chocolatte with grass-fed butter. Yes, I said there’s butter in the coffee. I know it sounds weird, but it’s actually amazing. This mocha chocolatte is possibly one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had, and when served on ice, you won’t even care what’s in it.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Bone broth, which is loaded with health benefits, is one of the most popular menu items. It promotes digestion and gut health, skin elasticity, joint health, immunity and overall well-being. I ordered the butter bones bone broth. Don’t let the name freak you out because there aren’t actual bones in it, and it was delicious. The butter makes it rich, creamy, and full of flavor, and not heavy at all. I sipped on it, but you can take it home to add to soups or any recipe that calls for a regular broth. Butter-loving Paula Deen would definitely approve.

I had never eaten a Paleo dish before, so I tried the chicken Caesar collard wrap. Picnik uses a dairy-free, cashew-based Caesar dressing that was so creamy and flavorful, I didn’t even know what I was missing. The collards add a nice freshness and satisfying crunch, and there’s also a piece of bacon in there because #TREATYOSELF. This Paleo wrap was light, filling and flavorful, unlike the heaviness and creaminess that comes with a normal chicken Caesar wrap.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Picnik is definitely challenging the stereotype that healthy food is boring and gross. So, if your New Year’s resolution to be healthier hasn’t been going too well, head to Picnik to get back on your health grind without sacrificing flavor. Definitely give them a try if you like to be healthy and not know it.

Picnik Exterior

Photo by Kathleen Lee