Piccola Gelateria, which translates from Italian into "tiny gelato shop," is easily the best gelato in New Orleans, making it the perfect addition to New Orleans' dessert scene. It has been opened for a little over a year and can be found nestled amongst countless other great food shops on Freret Street. Since the moment I discovered this place, I have wondered what my life was like before it.

Why Gelato and Not Ice Cream?

The main ingredient in gelato is milk, with a bit of cream, while the main ingredient in ice cream is cream, with a bit of milk. This makes gelato a healthier option. As per American law, in order to call something ice cream, it must have at least 10% fat content with the average fat content of ice cream being around 14-24%. Gelato only has 0-9% fat. Gelato only contains 20% air, while ice cream contains 80-100% air that is injected while it's made.

Gelato is kept at 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit higher than ice cream, making it denser. Since it's kept at a higher temperature, it's served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, which allows more exposure to flavors. Even if you think ice cream is your favorite, trust me, you'll love Piccola Gelateria gelato.

What Makes Piccola Gelateria Unlike Any Other Place?

At Piccola Gelateria, they make Bologna style gelato, which adds egg yolks to vanilla-based gelato for richness and flavor. They also use local products from local farms.

Their store is also set up like a living room. You can feel the happiness and hominess the moment you step into their living room. "If you arrive sad, we'll make you happy. If you arrive happy, we'll make you happier."

What Does Piccola Gelateria Have to Offer?

Apart from 18 different flavors of gelato and sorbetto (water-based gelato) chosen from 400 different flavors developed in-house, they also offer gelato milkshakes, affogato, gelato brioche sandwiches, gelato flight tasting (3 different flavors of gelato), coffee, crepes, and piadina.

Piadiana is an Italian flatbread, only known in certain regions. Piccola Gelateria imports their piadina from Riccione, Italy and is the only one serving piadina in an area. Their crepe batter is made in-house and made fresh every day. When it comes to coffee, they serve medium roast coffee with beans from Guatemala, Columbia, and Brazil.

During each season, Piccola Gelateria has different products to offer. They offer Mint Chocolate Chip gelato for holiday season, Rose Pedal sorbetto for Halloween, King Cake gelato for Mardi Gras season, and Pumpkin gelato for the fall. They also offer exotic flavors such as Lychee.

Where Else Can You Find Their Product?

Other than their location on Freret Street, you can find their product at Shaya, Domenica, Pizza Domenica, Tavolino Pizza & Lounge, and DiGiulio Brothers.

Do you gelato? Cause if you don't, you should. Move your study spot to their living room and taste the best gelato in New Orleans– I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face.