As if another quarter of essays and exams isn’t exciting enough, the opening of Philz Coffee in Evanston is sure to give Northwestern University students something to look forward to this fall. On the corner of Davis and Oak, the San Francisco-based coffee shop opened its doors to the public on October 12.

Philz's grand opening in Evanston is a part of the company's expansion into the Midwest. Over the summer, the beans started brewing and the coffee started dripping at their three Chicago locations: Lincoln Park, Hyde Park and Wicker Park. In Philz's Chicago takeover, Evanston is lucky number four. 

Coffee, tea and specialty sips

Zoe Malin

The bulk of Philz Coffee’s menu is drip coffee. It’s divided into “Darker,” “Medium” and “Lighter” sections to help guests navigate the jungle of blends to choose from. But Philz isn’t just for drip-drinkers. There are lots of sweet and creamy options, like the iconic Mint Mojito or the new Iced Coffee Rosé. Even those who prefer tea have a list of choices, from classics like chamomile and chai, to more exotic teas like "Istanbul Treat.” Philz also has plenty of milk options, ranging from dairy varieties to almond, oak and vanilla soy alternatives.

Can I have avocado toast with that?

Zoe Malin

Philz takes its food menu a step further, too. In addition to carrying standard coffee shop baked goods like bagels and scones, more sophisticated pastries like kouign amans line the glass display case. For days when carbs aren’t calling your name, Philz has heartier options, like the Mediterranean Avocado and Egg Toast, or an Avocado Energy Bowl. Philz also carries gluten-free toast, and has partnerships with local Evanston businesses in the works.

The Service

Zoe Malin

The way Philz serves coffee is unlike what you'll find at other Evanston cafés, and all other coffee shops for that matter. Philz is about personalization, which is even more evident in the physical setup of the space.

The first thing you'll notice when you step inside Philz Evanston location is the large counter, which is partitioned into stalls. Each section has a smiling barista standing behind each one, too. This ensures that every visitor gets a one-on-one experience. Not sure what to order? Ask your baristas for help, let them know the flavors you generally enjoy, and they’ll recommend options. It's hard to believe, but that’s just the beginning of the caffeine pampering.

Philz takes the concept of “made-to-order” seriously. Every beverage is hand-dripped or blended right in front of you, giving customers get the freshest quality possible. Once the beverage is made, your barista will even ask you to take a sip before you pay, ensuring that your drink is exactly to your liking.

Verdict is...? Philz is Evanston's new hot spot

Princie Kim

The combination of high-quality coffee and the focus on customer service makes Philz Coffee in Evanston a magnet for both students and locals. With food and drink this good, it’ll be hard for people in the neighborhood to stay away. See you at 1030 Davis St.!