Two choices: Smashburger or ShredWich. French fries and milkshakes are my ISH, so obviously, I had a tough decision ahead of me.

As a college girl who very rarely goes to the gym, aka never, I decided ShredWich was the move. Still feeling nauseous just thinking about the grease I consumed last week, I set high expectations for this lunch.

As I approached ShredWich, I saw the bold letters “Be Hot. Be Fresh. Be Creative.” My stomach let out a LOUD growl. Safe to say I was excited.

Glancing at the long bar filled meat and vegetables, I was confused on how to order. I started day dreaming about my greasy alternatives until the friendly man behind the counter walked me through the steps. I fell in love with ShredWich already. Good customer service – it’s definitely a keeper.


Photo by Jessica Kelly

ShredWich is basically a Chipotle style ordering, except you have a choice of a salad bowl, sandwich, or rice bowl. Then you choose your slow-roasted and hand-shredded meat: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, or tofu. (The chicken was BOMB.)

Next, you “top it” with hot and/or cold options. Hot toppings like fresh seasonal vegetables or cold options like cheese, bacon, bruschetta, or lettuce. (Bruschetta is a MUST.) Also, who doesn’t like bacon…

Finally, you choose from several options to “sauce it.” The long list includes some of these rockin flavors: bbq ranch, zesty tomato romesco, and creamy avocado lime cilantro.

You could also order one of their pre-made options, called “Classics.” I ordered an UNREAL rice bowl with chicken and a bunch of toppings for a little over $7.

ShredWich is a game changer for everyone; it uses all-natural, fresh products. Not exaggerating, I felt good after eating it.  Usually, after a place like Chipotle, I’m in a food coma or slump because I feel gross, but I was perfectly content after eating here. Yes, I could barely open my eyes, but that’s because I was in awe of the first healthy meal I consumed in weeks. (Yay college!)

Every Monday night at ShredWich is considered student’s night aka half priced meals. BIG WIN—we are in college after all. Money is everything…along with GOOD food. Shredwich is a must have, must try, must eat.

So change up your routine and try out this new restaurant. They even cater…

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