Leave it to Peace, Love and Little Donuts to turn a traditional breakfast treat into mini pieces of art.

This local Naples sweet shop sells miniature hand-crafted donuts in a variety of crazy flavors, created by their very own team who is anything but typical when it comes to creativity. The team is always surrounded by inspiration — the key to success for baking delectable treats like the Churro Caramel, Coffee Cake, and Maple Bacon flavors!

Makayla Connor

The Perfect Balance

Despite the donuts’ sugary toppings, no donut is too sweet to handle. Peace, Love and Little Donuts has perfected the ultimate balance with its old-fashioned sour cream cake base. This cake base is seamlessly dense with texture and less sugary with flavor so you don’t have to lose sleep over not being able to appreciate the amazing frosting-topped combinations while munching on the delicious old-fashioned cake base. 

Fan Favorites

Some of the best-sellers are Maple Bacon (extra crispy please), Key Lime Pie, and Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Sugar. A personal favorite is the Samoas flavor; the crispy coconut topping and chocolate drizzle take me right back to the good ole Girl Scout days.

A Caffeine Kick 

Makayla Connor

It's completely understandable for one to become parched after unintentionally eating a whole box of these donuts (been there, done that), so sip on a nice cup of coffee while you're at it. Peace, Love and Little Donuts currently sells Intelligentsia in-house cold brew and hot coffee. The local shop is also planning on expanding the beverage menu in the future. 

Donuts Made Just For You

Peace, Love and Little Donuts goes far beyond selling their own flavor inspirations to the community. They will perfect any donut idea you have until they get it juusstt right. You could say they truly love to make “donut dreams come true!"

Think it would be pretty cool to have donuts match your dress for a special event? Peace, Love and Little Donuts thinks so, too. Have a favorite cookie that you are just dying to eat in donut form? Yep, they can fix that. Searching for a new way to market your business but bored with the typical business cards? Hand out personalized donuts with your logo printed on edible fondant.

Who knew donuts could be so revolutionary?