Located in downtown Durham, The Parlour is everyone's favorite place to indulge in rich, homemade ice cream. Every month, their creative flavor offerings are expanded to incorporate seasonal treats, and these fall flavors are not to be missed. Check out our review of the ones we've tasted, as well as a few future flavors to keep on your radar.

Flavors We've Tried:

Apple Butter

ice cream, ice, cream, chocolate
Emily Waples

Made with local apples (cooked down in spices) and churned into the ice cream base.

"The apple butter flavor tastes like frozen apple cider and apple pie had a baby.

Top with: praline pecans

Pair with: Salted Butter Caramel

When you're craving more: Apple Butter Bars

Pumpkin Pie

cream, whipped cream, milk, dairy product, ice, sweet, chocolate, ice cream
Emily Waples

This pumpkin pie ice cream is simple, classic, and all the better for it.

"It tastes exactly like pumpkin pie, only better because it's in ice cream form.

Top with: whipped cream

Pair with: Vanilla

When you're craving more: Pumpkin Pie in a Mug

Molasses Butterscotch

cream, ice, dairy product, milk, caramel, sweet, chocolate, ice cream, coffee
Emily Waples

The distinct flavors in this classic combination make for the perfect way to top off an autumn day.

"The mild spice of the molasses combined with the simple sweetness of the butterscotch make for a prime scoop of fall ice cream."

Top with: brownie bits

Pair with: Chocolate

When you're craving more: Hot Chocolate Molasses Cookies

Apple Spice Cake (Vegan)

A coconut-cashew base, blended with homemade apple butter, spices, and pieces of spice cake.

"I would call it sweet, spice-filled happiness. Would definitely recommend to vegan and non-vegan dieters."

Top with: toasted coconut (to bring out the coconut base) and vegan whipped cream

Pair with: Apple Pie Tea

When you're craving more: Apple Spice Cake in a Mug

Flavors to Look Out For:

Apple Cider Sorbet (Vegan)

Made with apple cider, mulling spices, and a hint of orange, this sorbet feels lighter without sacrificing taste or texture.

Top with: pralined walnuts

Pair with: Salted Butter Caramel

When you're craving more: Apple Cider Sangria

Plum Lassi

Made with Carolina Farmhouse yogurt, this flavor is a unique way to incorporate a delicious stone fruit into ice cream.

Top with: Leave it plain.

Pair with: Cinnamon Fig Tea

When you're craving more: Make the real thing.

Sweet Potato

This masterpiece is an ice cream transformation of the marshmallow sweet potatoes you dream about on Thanksgiving.

Top with: vegan whipped cream

Pair with: Earl Grey Lavender Tea

When you're craving more: Maple cinnamon sweet potato cookies

Grab some friends and head over hungry, because you don't want to miss any of these autumn creations at The Parlour