Chef Tracy Chang opened PAGU in January, and it's already become a must-eat destination in Cambridge. Chang used her Japanese roots and her Spanish study abroad experience to create a restaurant focused on food, community, and collaboration. 

Chang really knows what she's doing.

One of her signatures is a squid ink oyster bao with norioli, shiso, and purple cabbage. Unfortunately, the dish does not come with a side of an adorable pug. Chang is a pug aficionado, and there's lots of pug regalia at PAGU.

In fact, PAGU means pug in Japanese. So if you're also obsessed with pugs, you'll definitely feel right at home at PAGU.

It's unique dishes like the squid ink oyster bao that make PAGU a great place to try new things and expand your palate. 

Brunch at PAGU

PAGU is offering a Mother's Day brunch on Sunday May 14 from 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. There will be a tasting menu for $35, a similar style to their lunch and dinner tasting menus. There is also the option to order a la carte.

No matter which way you order, you're bound to have a great meal. Some menu items will be familiar, like the curry crab croquetas. 

Other Mother's Day brunch options are familiar with a twist. PAGU will be serving chicken and wafflato, a take on their cheesy wafflato served at dinner.

Another item that looks incredible is jamón ibérico de bellota. It's served on a daily basis at PAGU, but there's no better way to show love to your mom than a nice plate of ham.

So much love and care goes into this ham before it gets on the plate. It comes from free-range pigs that roam in oak forests and are fed acorns. And they don't stop there. The ham is then aged for 36 months.

It seems like so much effort, but that's exactly what PAGU does best. Chang and staff put so much pride in their craft, and dishes like the jamón ibérico de bellota really show that. 

The Mother's Day brunch will also feature sashimi, a Japanese delicacy. They will have kampachi with aged shoyu, garlic, lime, and thai chili. PAGU will also be serving salmon with cucumber, cubanelle, and fish sauce.

There's also a dessert item that seems perfect for brunch. A smoked purple yam ice cream with sheep’s milk yogurt and salsa de fruto rojo. Mixing sweet and savory is an innovative way to do a dessert, and purple yams are a great way to accomplish that. 

PAGU probably isn't the most traditional Mother's Day brunch, but that's why it's perfect. Your mom is unique and out of the box, just like the food at PAGU.

If you're looking to take your mom to a place almost as special as she is, PAGU is a great choice for Mother's Day brunch.