Finding a good place to study at Miami is crucial to academic success. For some of us we find comfort in a cubicle on the second floor at King Library. Others like to get off of campus and try to snag a spot at Kofenya Coffee uptown. I’ve even heard of some people driving thirty minutes to the closest Panera. When it comes time for midterms and finals, claiming a good study spot becomes more competitive than trying to find street parking in Oxford.

Cue the rise of The Mezzanine Coffee Lounge. This pop-up coffee shop is answering the prayers of many of us who need a new scene for studying or are simply seeking some peace and quiet. But where is this mysterious cafe? Upstairs at Kona Bistro!

I had to see it for myself. With no hours of operation posted anywhere, I gave the restaurant a buzz and a few minutes later I was added to a Groupme where they post the hours once a week. I felt like I was in Fight Club.

Now I realize the first rule of Fight Club is that we don’t talk about Fight Club, but this is something worthy of discussion, folks! Every year or so it seems that there is a new bar opened up, but this town has other needs. It’s about time another place to meet for coffee or study blossomed out of cobble stone streets uptown.

The hours aren’t regular. “We use it on Friday and Saturday nights so it’s never opened on those nights,” explained Sally Roi, Kona Bistro manager, in regard to the upstairs lounge space.

“For the majority of the time it will be open during the day.”

Photo by Jenny McGregor

During its open daytime hours, customers can order a beverage from the downtown coffee bar station, then grab their drink and head upstairs. There’s an easy access staircase leading upstairs from High Street so that customers don’t have to trek through the main restaurant when they first get there or are ready to leave. Also, fun fact alert, the name of this pop-up is derived from the architecture of the space itself!

It is comfortable and spacious compared to other coffee spots in town and the menu is simple. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a liquor license so if you need that coffee to be an Irish coffee no judgement from over here, considering that is exactly what I ordered. Topped off with homemade whipped cream and not too hot, it was exactly what I needed on that rainy Thursday evening I first scoped the place out.

If you need a change of pace when hitting the books this week or you are just plain curious about this pop-up coffee shop, try it out for yourself.