Photo by Savannah Carter

Whether you are studying abroad or lucky enough to be on holiday in Europe, Poppies Fish and Chips in Camden Town, London is a definite must. Although the UK doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to their cuisine, fish and chips are a staple of any native Brit’s diet. Just walking through London you are barraged with hundreds of signs shouting “Fish and Chips! Eat in or Take away!” Navigating through all of the options can be fairly daunting, especially if it’s your first time across the pond. Fear not world traveler, for Poppies Fish and Chips will give you the ultimate experience at a decent price.

Located in the bustling shopping section of Camden Town, the area itself gives off a mixed vibe of both traditional and hip. They have many options as far as fish goes, including Skate, Rock, Halibut and of course the standard Cod and Haddock. Coated in a secret blend, the fish is served perfectly crunchy and golden-brown. All served with chips (British for french fries) and house-made tartar sauce, there are also options to have grilled fish, meat pies, and a variety of other types of savory dishes and delicious desserts.


Photo by Savannah Carter

To complement the incredible dining experience, the restaurant itself makes you feel as though you were transported to a time just after WWII. Complete with waitresses dressed in traditional 1940s outfits and a jukebox, Poppies is a little slice of British heaven.


Photo by Savannah Carter

They have two lovely sit-down locations, but if you’re pressed for time or it’s crowded, the take-out option is a good choice. In fact, the take-out pricing is a little cheaper and just as delicious. Food to-go is served in an open, news-print box, which is also perfect for picnicking on those rare sunny days in London. Altogether, Poppies Fish and Chips deserves the title of no. 1 in England, and is an absolute must for anyone traveling abroad!


Photo by Savannah Carter


Location: 30 Hawley Crescent, London, NW1 8NP
Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat: 11am-midnight, Sun: 11am-11pm