Like our fellow Colorado College students, we are losing steam as we approach the end of the year. Studying at different locations can help keep you focused and allow you to treat yourself for your hard work. The year is almost over – you got this! 

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback Roasters has two locations, about a mile apart from each other.

Switchback Roasters - Hillside is located on East Moreno Avenue, and has ample parking (which is always a plus)!

Switchback’s other location, Switchback Roasters - Shooks Run Cafe, is off of North Institute Street. It has a wider variety of food options than the Hillside location, but there isn’t as much parking.

The Hillside location is a great place for studying. It’s more spacious than other downtown coffee shops, which allows us to spread out books and laptops. It has various table sizes, which makes it a perfect location for group study dates. It also has indoor and outdoor seating, which is great for Coloradans, as we never know what kind of weather we'll get! 

If you are a fan of avocado toast, the Shooks Run location is your best choice! After all, what could be better than an avocado toast described like this?! 

"Avocado mash atop locally sourced rustique bread, two sunny sides up eggs, heirloom cherry tomato, honey sriracha, house-made herb sauce, micro greens, sea salt, cracked pepper." 

#SpoonTip: if you are vegan or are looking to reduce your animal intake, ask for the vegan avocado toast option! They can replace the honey sriracha with regular sriracha, and not include the eggs. According to its menu, the Shooks Run location can make the avocado toast gluten free.

Bird Tree Cafe

Bird Tree Cafe is located less than a mile from Colorado College, which makes it ideal for students looking to study off-campus without having to drive. Bird Tree Cafe has a variety of food options, including hummus plates and brie plates! Check out their menu here

Bird Tree Cafe is definitely not as quiet as other cafes, but its ambiance will make up for it! From the type of music playing to the decorations, Bird Tree Cafe is a unique cafe in Colorado Springs, and we definitely recommend you checking them up! While it may not be the best location for studying, it is a great cafe. 

#SpoonTip: Bird Tree Cafe offers cocktails in the evenings and is open until 10 pm most days. 

Loyal Coffee

Colorado College students know we cannot write a piece on coffee shops near campus and not include the notorious Loyal Coffee.  

Loyal Coffee actually has two locations. Loyal Coffee - Downtown is a little over a mile from campus and is a popular coffee shop for professors and students alike! The downtown location is not a great place to study because it is smaller and has less seating. 

Loyal Coffee - Northgate is a great place to study. Located at 11550 Ridgeline Drive, the Northgate location has ample parking and seating, and even has a conference room available to rent. The Northgate location also has  more food options than the downtown location, from quinoa and yogurt bowls to breakfast sandwiches! 

Both Loyal Coffee locations are open from 6 am to 6 pm, but the downtown location is open everyday, while the one on Northgate is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Good Neighbors Meeting House 

Like Loyal Coffee, Good Neighbors Meeting House is a beloved coffee shop in the Colorado College campus community.

Good Neighbors is a great place to study, and who knows, maybe you will run into a fellow student or professor there! There is indoor and outdoor seating, as well as limited patio seating. The food at Good Neighbors cannot be beat, and there is something available for everyone, from nachos to chocolate chip waffles to a charcuterie board! 

Good Neighbors Meeting House has a no-tipping policy, which you can read about here. Good Neighbors is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day. 

Have we missed your favorite coffee shop in Colorado Springs? If so, please let us know in the comments or on Instagram, at @spoon_cc!