In Poultney, Vermont, there used to be an old run-down general store on Route 30. Recently, new owners have taken over and completely revamped the entire property. Otto's Cones Point General Store is doing all it can to start over and put it's name on the Vermont map. 

The Attraction

Allison Curley

With a fresh new look on the inside and the outside, this general store is starting over the right way. Everyone in the area really loves the place because of it's unique set up. Otto's is a combination of an old-fashioned general store, a restaurant, ice cream shop, souvenir store, and a mini golf course. 

Whether you run out of ketchup and flashlights, or you're craving some fresh French fries, Otto's has it all. Like all old-fashioned general stores, there is a large stock of groceries and household items for sale. However, to really bring in the crowds, they also have a large eating area for their restaurant section and a walk-up ice cream window. 

The Food

coffee, beer
Allison Curley

Otto's has a really versatile menu that appeals to casual food. Fries, sandwiches, salads, and hot dogs are the kinds of foods that Otto's makes fresh right in front of your eyes. They have a really big take-out crowd, as well as outdoor seating for those who want to stick around and enjoy the friendly Vermont atmosphere. 

They have coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. With fresh baked goods, packaged Vermont maple specialties, and a deli case full of fresh salads and dinner sides, there is something for everyone.

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Allison Curley

Not to mention the huge summer attraction of the ice cream bar that features Vermont's own Wilcox Ice Cream and special soft serve flavors like maple

My personal favorite food at Otto's is the avocado hummus. While not just guacamole or hummus, it is a delicious blend of flavors that I stock up on for snacks every time I go. 

The Entertainment

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Allison Curley

Otto's really focuses on being a wholesome family and local stop. They plan tons of events over the summer like live music in order to keep up a fun vibe that everyone gathers around. I have never been in the place since it's renovations and not seen tons of people shopping or hanging out.

However, the thing that makes Otto's really unique is the mini golf course. There is a huge property next to the store making it the perfection location. Little kids can go and play while also enjoying an ice cream cone. 

Allison Curley

The store emits a friendly and homey feel, which is hard to rely on these days. You will always be served with a smile by the super accommodating staff. It is definitely a huge hit for locals because almost everyone in the place knows each other's names. 

There are so many reasons to go and visit Otto's this summer. Whether you need to pick something up, are super hungry for delicious fries, or want to have a fun night out, Otto's is a great spot.