As an avid boba lover, I am always on the lookout for the best boba milk tea. However, recently, I got the opportunity to go to Taiwan for a family reunion, and the first thought I had was BOBA (since Taiwan is known as the inventor of boba). After finding the location of the restaurant that created boba milk tea, I knew I was going to go add Chun Shui Tang — literally the home of boba — to my bucket list.

Where Is Chun Shui Tang?

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Alice Wen
Pearl milk tea was specifically created in 1987 at the founding shop in Taichung, Taiwan. Fortunately, there are plenty of Chun Shui Tang (translated in English: Spring Water Hall) locations throughout Taiwan and even in nearby countries such as Japan. Specifically, I visited a Taipei restaurant, so I had just had the milk tea and not the complete DIY boba milk tea experience.

Original Boba Milk Tea Review


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Upon entering the cafe, I was immediately greeted with a nice waiter, but since I had just eaten lunch, I was led toward the to-go counter. At the counter, I saw the long menu of both drinks and small dishes. Of course, I, being the most basic tourist possible, ordered the first original boba, the best-selling, Pearl Milk Tea. Just like most milk tea places, you have the option of customizing your sweetness and ice levels. I chose to keep it as original as possible.

The Pearl Milk Tea

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For my first sip of the pearl milk tea, I got a mouthful of perfectly boiled, chewy yet crunchy in the middle, small boba balls. As for the milk tea, I was surprisingly not a fan. The tea is okay, but not even close to what I was expecting. The milk tea was bland and in my opinion, tasted like sweet water with only a hint tea flavoring. Okay, but not my kind of milk tea.

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Alice Wen

Personally, I will not be going back for more Chen Sui Tang Milk Tea, even though it is the original boba inventor. It was a fun tourist activity, but when I return to Taiwan, I will be grabbing my boba from someplace else. If you are looking for a boba place in Taiwan, try some of my favorite boba chains: 50 Lan and ComeBuy.