We can basically all agree UB’s North campus is basically a giant depressing hole, and also agree literally no one knows what the hell Seasons Cafe is or what the CFA is. That is why you need to get your butt to Seasons Cafe ASAP.

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Andrew Bertalli

Ask a couple students and they’ll either say: a.) rethink the integrity of a UB education because a fellow student just asked what Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter were or b.) wonder what kind of nasty disease the “CFA” is. 

CFA stands for The Center for the Arts: home to dancers, actors, painters, graphic designers, photographers, etc. It’s an extremely aesthetic pleasing place. Walking into the CFA is like walking into the gates of heaven because it's so damn bright. A giant skylight spans the entirety of the building (it's pretty dope!). 

The basement is filled with murals and the first floor is lined with tables. Perfect for studying, but even better for sitting down and enjoying a fresh and natural meal from Seasons.  

beer, tea, coffee
Andrew Bertalli

Seasons is the cutest little cafe and is placed discreetly on the left side of the CFA. For such a small restaurant, it packs a mighty punch. It's home to all natural and organic food serving locally sourced produce. The menu boasts a wide variety of options like the butternut squash flatbread, the turkey cranberry sandwich, or the kale chicken Caesar salad. 

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Andrew Bertalli

Two fan favorite items of Spoon: the BBQ Chicken Flatbread and Spicy Quinoa Bowl. 

The BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Topped with chicken, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, corn, onions and black beans. It is possibly the most divine thing on the planet TBH.

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Andrew Bertalli

The Quinoa Bowl

Consisting of quinoa (obviously), cucumber, tomatoes, chicken, feta cheese, hot sauce, honey lemon sauce, avocado and cilantro. This bowl is perfect for anyone looking for a filling meal and yet it won't leave you feeling like a gross whale. You can even learn how to make your own quinoa here.

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Andrew Bertalli

So UB north campus students: the next time you don't want to stand in the Pistachio's line for an eternity, or don't even wanna step into the SU, the Seasons Cafe is enjoyably different and a healthier alternative when you are looking for something new. A true gem in the depressing, cold and windy brick city of Buffalo.