Fridays are perfect for kicking back. It’s the beginning of the weekend and I can finally relax knowing I’ll have a break from assignments and tests for at least two days. Friday nights, in particular, are one of my favorites times of the week to explore Ithaca and go out to eat.

However, last Friday, the idea of going out to eat did not seem as appealing. The previous week had been crazy busy, filled with tests, meetings, and a profound lack of sleep. For the latter reason especially, I was exhausted and not enthusiastic about making the extra effort to coordinate the excursion off campus.

So there I was; wanting delicious food, not wanting to go to a dining hall, and not sure what my options for ordering online were. This is the reality of eating as a college student living in a dorm. (If you’re in need of a yummy dorm cooking hack, click here)


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But then I remembered a friend of mine recommended a restaurant in Collegetown near Cornell University, which is less than a mile and a half away from Ithaca College. It is called “Luna Inspired Street Food”, and is familiar among Ithaca College students for its tacos and deep-fried Oreos.


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I looked up the restaurant on Grubhub and, after about 5 minutes of looking at the menu, I placed my order and patiently waited for my delivery. Although it was tough to choose what to order, there were so many delicious-sounding items on Luna’s menu ranging from classic NY pizza and wings to unique dishes such as Bulgogi Fries and Chicken Shwarma Salad.

Work perks ? // veggie pizza w no cheese from Luna Inspired Street Food

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I had missed Taco Tuesday that week, and I was seriously craving tacos, so I ordered the Taco Salad and the Sweet Potato and Kale Taco Salad. I briefly considered ordering the Deep-Fried Oreos, but I told myself that I would have to indulge myself by ordering them another time.

The delivery was extremely quick! It took about 30 minutes for my order to arrive, which I thought was quite impressive for delivery on a Friday night. Both the tacos and the taco salad were delicious; the tacos had a wonderful tomatillo guacamole that had a perfect tangy yet mild creaminess that complemented the sweet potato.


The taco salad was very light and fresh; it was not extremely filling on its own, but it had flavorful components like pickled red onions and rice and beans that gave the salad more of a hearty feel.


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The two items together were the perfect portion size for my dinner; it left me full and satisfied without making me feel overly stuffed. Also, all the ingredients were fresh and heavily plant-based, which gave me a healthy feeling about my dinner as well.

Overall, I would recommend ordering from Luna’s if you’re craving something that’s both fresh and flavor-packed. The prices may be on the more expensive side for delivery in comparison to other local vendors, but if you don’t mind spending a little extra for a delicious dish, then Luna’s is calling your name!


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