Ultimate Bagel; the name says it all. These are not your ordinary bagels, made fresh every morning to a fluffy thickness that will have your mouth salivating right when you enter the door.

Whether you want something sweet, salty, or savory they have it all. The employees are eager to tell you their faves- this is a relief to indecisive orderers like myself.

The shop is locally owned and gives off a friendly Spokane charm. They always have a fire playlist going which adds to the taste of the food. AND it is only a four minute walk from the Hemmingson; totally doable even in the cold weather.

The possibilities of combinations are endless. I compiled a list of five of our favorite bagels so you have some options to work with.

photo by Nichole Schultz

1. Asiago w/ Plain

A classic cream cheese put on a not so classic bagel. Ultimate Bagel does Asiago bagels the right way. Full of cheesy flavor and toasted to a crispy perfection you can’t go wrong with this baby.The cream cheese is thick af and they don’t wimp out on the spreading of it. The cool flavor compliments the smoky asiago for a dynamic flavor duo that will spin your head right ’round. Ultimate Bagel has discovered the perfect ratio of cream cheese to bagel.


photo by Nichole Schultz

2. Ham&Cheese melt on sesame

Warm cheese on a yummy bagel, aka the dream meal of every college kid. Ultimate Bagel does ham and cheese so right. The sesame bagel added a fancy feel to this classic bagelwich. The ham is warm all the way through and the cheese is not burnt. Always a satisfying meal.

photo by Nichole Schultz

3. “The Zegg” on asiago

A good pun made for the Zags, this bagel has warm and juicy sausage, cheddar cheese and egg. To top it off our friends at Ultimate Bagel threw on some avocado which in my opinion is the best vegetable ever. While this bagel is typically a breakfast bagel I enjoy it for lunch. The cheddar is sharp and goes well with the avocado flavor. The eggs are cooked to ideal sandwich texture making it a lovely meal.


photo by Nichole Schultz

4. Turkey Avocado BLT on Kosher Salt

The Kosher Salt bagel is life changing. Bagels and salt were a match made in heaven. The salt gives your mouth a kick that brings the bagel flavor above and beyond expectations. Pair it with all the lovely toppings of a killer sandwich and you have got the ultimate bagel. You definitely need a big mouth to eat this guy.

photo by Nichole Schultz

5. Turkey&Provolone Bagelwich on Italian

Yes, a Bagelwich. What a cute name for such a delicious meal. I paired this with onion, red pepper, and hummus. The hummus made for a healthy flavor kick and mellowed out the Italian spice. The Italian bagel has the perfect amount of spice to bring a plain jane Bagelwich to the next level.

PS- they have bagel chips. (crispy flavor packed bits of bagel. so good)