Being a Los Angeles valley girl, I'd say I have an excellent eye for sushi. When I came to Boston for college, one of my biggest concerns was where I was going to get my sushi fix. After struggling to find a place that is up to my ultra-high standards, I hit the jackpot at Oppa Sushi.  

The Vibe 

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Jackie O'Brien

One of my favorite things about Oppa Sushi is its quaint, hole-in-the-wall vibe. When passing by the front of the restaurant nestled in Allston, you'd never expect to find some of the freshest fish in Boston. 


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Jackie O'Brien

Although Oppa is a sushi restaurant, the restaurant also has some fantastic cooked options. These steamed pork gyoza with ponzu sauce for dipping started our meal off with a bang. 

The best part is that we didn't even order them. The waitstaff at Oppa makes me feel like a VIP–probably since I'm there at least once a week.

Mango-Salmon Harmony Roll

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Jackie O'Brien

As a salmon enthusiast, this roll is one of my go-to items. The salmon lies on top of the roll and inside next to the mango. Warm, sticky rice perfectly ties the two together.

The title of this roll is no lie, my tastebuds definitely felt the ripe mango and fresh salmon working together harmoniously. 

Rainbow Roll

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Jackie O'Brien

Though I'm generally against ordering rainbow rolls due to their overwhelming nature, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. 

The avocado was perfectly ripe, and all of the fish used in the roll was cut thin and delicately. Each bite I took consisted of the perfect avocado-to-fish ratio. 

Ikura Nigiri

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Jackie O'Brien

I know: salmon roe may not seem like the most appealing thing at first. But trust me, it is absolutely worth trying.

My photographer had never tried ikura before, and we both agreed that we love the sweetness and saltiness of the roe in addition to their indescribable popping texture. 

Sweet Shrimp Nigiri 

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Jackie O'Brien

Sweet shrimp is always one of my go-to's at sushi restaurants. Oppa's sweet shrimp shines amongst the crowd. The shrimp is actually sweet, and has a crisp texture that is hard to put into words. 

Although I did put soy sauce on this particular piece of nigiri, the shrimp itself is so flavorful that soy sauce is not necessary. 

Yellowtail Nigiri

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Jackie O'Brien

To be honest, I'm not usually a yellowtail sushi fan. I find that the fish can often be tough and stringy. However, Oppa Sushi's yellowtail is quite the opposite. 

This yellowtail was cut to perfection, and had a melt-in-your-mouth texture to it. The scallions carefully placed on top added to the flavor profile of the fish.

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Jackie O'Brien

I fully revoke my prior belief that there is no good sushi in Boston. Although LA has way more fantastic sushi options than Boston, I have been able to satisfy my craving at Oppa Sushi.

I recommend that every sushi fanatic in the area go to Oppa at least once. I promise, you will thank me after.