Late last year, I received a gift certificate from Oink and Moo BBQ, a local joint I had never heard of, situated only a few miles from my hometown. I figured I’d give it a try considering the meal was free (a broke college student’s dream).

The lead-up:

Accompanied by my parents, I made the hike down to Voorhees, NJ in search of an enjoyable yet effortless dinner. I skimmed the menu and made a quick decision – “Chipotle Chicken Sliders with Baked Mac and Cheese on the side, please.” Mom ordered the Trifecta (a taco trio) and Dad opted for the Rib Sliders – a seasonal special. After a pleasantly short wait for our food to arrive, we took our first bites.

Katie Kasperson

The food:

My tastebuds were immediately satisfied. Delicious, salty, cheesy macaroni filled my mouth and stomach. This was the best baked mac and cheese I'd ever had the pleasure of indulging. I couldn’t wait to try my main entree.

The sliders were just as good as the side, if not better. The chicken was tender and juicy, with just the right touch of spice and sauce. Topped with poblano peppers, the sandwiches were a perfect mix of crunchy and chewy, dry and wet, and spicy and sweet. I barely said a word as I devoured the delicious duo. After about five minutes of straight-up inhaling my food, I quenched my salt-induced thirst with some of my favorite green tea, made by Maine Root.

I've often found that hole-in-the-wall type places have better-tasting dishes. Oink and Moo is no exception. What truly made my meal was - honestly - the greasiness, the cheesiness, and the portion size. Having perfected the art of street food, this place would provide an excellent cure for the drunchies.

Katie Kasperson

The look and feel:

The restaurant’s decor highlighted the menu's theme quite well. The wooden tables and wall-hangings gave a farm-town feel, and the metal trays offered the nostalgia of my school cafeteria. The employees aimed to please, taking our empty trays back to the kitchen despite the trash being only a short walk away.

After speaking to some friends, I realized how hard this business hit home. One friend worked there last summer, and another friend’s cousin is the owner. These connections made me value my experience even more, because I was supporting the livelihoods of people I actually knew.

The reaction:

When asked about their meals, my mom said the Baked Mac and Cheese was the best she’d ever had. "I would spend all my calories on that mac and cheese," she asserted. My dad said his was "pretty good," meaning it won his approval. I myself thought my meal was beyond great – “some of the best BBQ I’ve had,” I told my uncle, the person who gave me the certificate.

The afterthought:

Post-Oink and Moo BBQ, I am anxiously awaiting my return. The next entree on my list is the Chili Mac (an accidental twist on Billy Mack? I’m unsure.). The local business now operates several food trucks that roam the Tri-State area as well as two fully-fledged restaurants in Voorhees and Florham Park, NJ.