This year is the LA Times second annual Food Bowl, which is a foodies dream with events happening the entire month of May to showcase all of the best food the City of Angels has to offer. This year is the first ever Secret Burger Showdown on May 26th. It is going to be held by Off the Menu Club, which, if you haven't already heard of it, you are missing out!

Off the Menu (OTM) Club is a $20 monthly subscription app that gives you 7 new food items a week to try in LA. I am not a Math major, but 30 meals a month for $20 seems like the best way to eat on a college budget. OTM is partnering with Postmates, the food delivery service we know and love, to bring you burgers made by some of your fave celebrities.

1. DJ Marshmello

Need I say more? Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is one of the best burger joints in Los Angeles right now and DJ Marshmello is one of the most successful DJ's. Who wouldn't want the two to come together and melt our hearts with that cheese and charcoal ketchup leather? A must try!

2. Josh Elkin

The self-proclaimed "Breakfast Champ" is bringing us Top Round Roast Beef on a burger. We are talking a pile of pastrami on a burger with pickles, horseradish, beaufort cheese and more. I would say more, but I am already drooling.  

3. Shay Mitchell

This is for all your PLL fans out there who feels Emily deserved more screen time. You can meet her one-on-one and try her own burger creation: the Bougie Burg. Nothing says bougie quite like a burger covered in truffle. I guess you will have to join her this Saturday to try it out!

There's still more! There will be 6 other burgers created by Tommy LeeCharlotte Mckinney, and more! You will get to try all 9 burgers and vote on your favorite one. That's not all though; For each ticket sold, Off The Menu Club will be donating 30 meals to a child in need.

Spoon University UCLA is giving you the hook up, so use the code "ketchup" to receive 15% off your ticket. Trust us, this is not something you will want to miss out on. 

The event will take place at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, May 26, 2018. It will run from 12PM to 4PM. Check the Eventbrite page here!