Are you searching for a new place to study, eat, and relax? Look no further than Nashville’s own, Frothy Monkey! This foamy, primate-inspired local franchise has 3 locations: Downtown Franklin, at Grimey’s Too and of course, sweet, sweet, 12th Avenue South.

While there are tons of great things about Frothy Monkey (including the hipster vibes, friendly workers and commitment to originality) the menu is by far my most favorite piece of the frothy puzzle. If you haven’t already—crying for you if you haven’t—you have GOT to check out the Frothy Monkey breakfast spread. My personal favorite: the oatmeal.

Now, I know not everyone is an oatmeal person. Prior to my own Frothy Monkey oatmeal experience, I only enjoyed a casual bowl of Quakers every so often; that has all changed. I literally CRAVE this stuff now.

Before you roll your eyes, just let me give you the rundown about these rolled oats:

So it’s basically a build-your-own oatmeal masterpiece. You get the classic oats served with brown sugar, steamed milk (fluffy clouds from milk heaven) and then your choice of 3 toppings including:

  • Fresh Fruits (strawberries, bananas, grapes, apples, pears, oranges, or pineapples)
  • Dried fruits (cranberries, blueberries,  or raisins) and
  • Nuts (walnuts, almonds).

And I haven’t even said the best part: it’s only 6 bucks! A huge helping of the most perfectly cooked oats, topped with all your fav (and healthy) toppings, and served with the weirdest yet most delicious dousing of milk for 6 dollars?! And you’re supporting a local, independent restaurant in Nashville? It doesn’t get much better, folks.

Pair it with a perfect cup of Frothy Monkey java and you will be ready to conquer whatever the day may bring! So stop monkeying around with your microwavable bowls and the sludge they serve at the dining halls and open your eyes (and taste buds) to what oatmeal is REALLY supposed to taste like.

Frothy Monkey 9

Other things that prove Frothy Monkey rules:
• Breakfast, lunch AND dinner daily!
• Gluten-Free options, vegetarian/vegan friendly
• Kids have their own menu
• Catering available
• Craft-inspired beer & wine list at the 12 South & Franklin locations.
• No fryers!
• Support many local vendors, suppliers and farmers.


Location: 2509 12th ave. south, Nashville, TN 37204
Hours of operation: monday – thursday: 7 am -9 pm, friday – saturday: 7 am -10 pm, sunday: 8 am -9 pm

For more information, check out Frothy Monkey’s Website!