Oath Craft Pizza has three locations in the greater Boston area, but it all began out in Nantucket. Like most places out on the cape, Oath is only open in the summer months. Thankfully, they've made the move over to Chestnut Hill, South Station, and Davis Square. 

The Vibe

Surina Mehta

According to their website, the new spot in Davis Square was chosen because it's "surrounded by artists, musicians, and just generally cool people. This is our kind of vibe."

Along with the ingredients, the process at Oath Craft Pizza is quite simple. Once you've ordered, the pizzas are formed right there in front of you, and then placed into a fancy-schmancy oven that cooks these babies in 90 seconds. 

That's faster than I can open Pillsbury canned pizza dough.

Make Your Own Pizza

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Surina Mehta

There's a huge list of fresh ingredients you can choose from. This specific pie has tomato sauce, mozzarella, black olives, and basil. Yum. 

If you're not feeling the whole 11-inch pizza, you can get a half pizza. To be honest, the pizza is so light and airy, you're probably going to wish you had ordered the whole pizza. 

Specialty Pizzas

Surina Mehta

The smells in this place are so intoxicating it can be difficult to even think about choosing your own toppings. In that case, you can pick from Oath Pizza's specialty combos. 

The Free Bird Pizza is topped with mozzarella, tomato, rosé pickled red onion, grilled chicken, bbq drizzle, parmesan, scallions. Each bite is something different. The small chunks of chicken pair perfectly with the bbq drizzle. The pickled red onions give a nice acidity to an otherwise thick consistency. 

Oath Craft Pizza is unlike most pizza places because you can eat a whole pizza and not feel overly stuffed. You can taste the freshness of their ingredients and the care that goes into the process of making it. 

Fill up your Charlie Pass. Next stop, Oath Craft Pizza.