Choosing a spot for a Tinder date is no easy task. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. You want somewhere quiet enough to hear your date talk, but with a decent amount of people around… You know, because safety and stuff. And choosing the location gives you an immediate leg-up — you choose the spot, you get to wear the pants. Here’s where to take your Tinderella. 

Coffee shops


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Quiet, twinkle-light-y, usually no wait to get seated. Bonus: if your date is a dud, leave your number for one of the hot waiters. 

Stumptown (to-go)

the cutest $4 cup of coffee in Greenwich Village #kawaii #broke #bougie

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If your date is a coffee snob, grab a drink to-go and walk around Wash Sq. Park.

Third Rail

Floor-to-ceiling windows will put an end to any instagram-filter photo trickery right off the bat. 


The Wayland

Turn ⬆️ with this super ~trendy~ Kale Margarita! #kalemademedoit #spoonfeed ?: @beckyblairh

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Yeah, you’re adventurous, and yeah, you’re gonna order a kale margarita. You’re killin’ this date. 

Art Bar

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Slide past the bar and behind big velvet curtains, and you’re in the coziest bar in the neighborhood. Couches everywhere. A fireplace. Doesn’t get much date-ier than this.

Empellon Al Pastor

eating tacos / crushing on @alexanderstupak

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One of our favorite low-key places in the East Village, perfect for having tequila-based drinks at the bar. And, if all goes well, you might end the night with a tray of pork shoulder tacos.

Ace Bar

Let's #play #cocktails

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Dive-y! Cheap drinks! Games! Impossible to have a bad date here. Well, don’t quote us on that.