With the weather warming up, we are all looking forward to the trendy summer sweet treats. However, we cannot eat ice cream and brownies for the whole summer. I recently went to NYC's Broadway Bites food market hosted by UrbanSpace and it was unbelievable. Located in Greeley Square on Broadway between 32nd and 33rd street, was every foodie's slice of heaven. I was sandwiched between rows and rows of restaurant pop up shops inhaling every sweet smell of fried dough, dumplings, arepas, chocolate and barbecue sauce. Although I wasn't able to try all of the foods there, here are a few that I absolutely loved. 

1. Chick'nCone 

If you're Instagram savvy or enjoy eating chicken and waffles, Chick'nCone will be your place. Upon stopping at the restaurant's booth, I was drawn into the warm smell of waffles and tangy sauces. What makes this food so popular is that you can eat your waffles and chicken fork-free because of its bite-sized chicken stuffed in a waffle cone. You also have the choice to choose your own sauce (Kick'n Ranch, Yella BBQ, Cinna-Maple, Buffalo Blue, Traditional BBQ, Peri Peri). I choose both Traditional BBQ and Kick'n Ranch which was a great choice. I'm sure that without a sauce, the food would've been great, but the sauce does a nice tang of togetherness to the overall presentation and taste. You can also pair your chick'ncone with cajun fries. You seriously cannot loose with this choice. It's a win win for your tummy and for updating your feed on the Gram. 

2. 32 Below

When I stopped at the 32 Below booth, I was immediately drawn to the rolled ice cream flavors such as "cookie monster", "first kiss" a strawberry ice cream, "relax saturn" which is made with coffee, and "sweet heart" a chocolate ice cream. However, I picked bubble tea because I haven't had it for a while. The staff were friendly and suggested a few bubble tea flavors. I decided on the mango flavor and boy was it good. It was sweet, but not teeth cramping sweet. I will say that it was a tasteful refreshing drink for the tacos I inhaled later. 

3. Frida's Favorites

After my mango bubble tea, I ordered two tacos (grilled chicken and shrimp) from Frida's Favorites, a traditional Mexican restaurant serving not only Mexicans foods, but drinks as well. I was a little bummed because they were all out of spicy chicken and pico de gallo, but that was confirmation on how popular and tasty their food is. The tacos were served on a soft shell with a lime wedge on the side. I was unable to take a photo because yes, they were that good. The chicken and shrimp was tender and flavorful and I can only imagine how bomb it would've been with the pico de gallo topping

4. Cryo Cream

At this point, my stomach was telling me to find a bench and recover, but it was 8:45 pm and I had to try Cryo Cream's ice cream before the market closed. Cryo Cream is an ice cream joint that makes all of their ice cream, cheese ball snacks and sundaes with nitrogen. I ordered the Glampfire-- which is a Graham cracker ice cream, with toasted marshmallow, chocolate syrup injector, homemade graham crackers, and pop-rocks and I also ordered Chocolate Relapse-- a ice cream combination of a chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate ice cream, coco puffs, white chocolate whipped cream,  and a Valrhona dark chocolate syrup injector. Glampfire definitely reminded me of s'mores which was nostalgic and delicious and Chocolate Relapse satiated my chocolate cravings for at least a week. With its cute little syrup injectors and snazzy ice cream names, Cryo Cream is an awesome way to end any meal. 

Johan Robinson

NYC's Broadway Bites market event concluded its Spring season 15 June 2018, however, they will have a Fall season (dates are TBD). In addition, if you do want to check out what other restaurants particpated in the event, you can click on their website (https://www.urbanspacenyc.com/broadway-bites/) for more information.