Mondays suck. Like the first couple of minutes of a workout, the only thing running through your mind is "how am I going to get through this?" Getting out of bed is nearly impossible, finding the motivation to get to class, work, or just to the shower is a struggle and a half. The weekend is four and a half days away. Yeah, Mondays suck, but they don't have to.

spinach, chicken, kale
Alexandra Jade Tringali

West Village favorite Left Bank is taking that Monday Madness and turning it into deliciousness. Starting in September, Left Bank is starting a new Monday-only dinner service, providing a full chicken dinner, with two delicious sides included, to your home, office, or wherever Mondays take you, for only $35.

Yeah, you heard me right. A full chicken dinner for two or three or four (or maybe just judgement) for only $35. All you have to do is pick it up.

You might be skeptical...can Mondays really be this great? Yes. Stop drooling. You will get a whole Emile Henry-roasted chicken, savory greens, and delicious roasted potatoes, to give you that little extra motivation everyone needs on a Monday.

Alexandra Jade Tringali

This isn't Left Bank's first "make Mondays better" initiative. During the summer, they hosted "Giving Mondays" every week, benefitting Best Friends Animal Society - a rescue and animal welfare organization that's also the largest no-kill shelter in the nation.

The events, (with clever titles like "Booze for Barks") were sponsored by Tito's Vodka, and featured a one-night-only signature cocktail for the attendees of the event. 30% of the proceeds were donated from Left Bank to Best Friends Animal Society, with $100 of the one-night-only cocktail proceeds being donated. Tito's Vodka also matched the funds at the event up to $250.

But that's not all.

Sunday Scaries no more – Left Bank also has an incredible brunch every Saturday and Sunday, and if you just don't feel like leaving, they also have Sunday Timpano Suppers every Sunday night. What is timpano? Layers of pasta and pasta and more pasta wrapped in a big pasta casing. Carbs make everything better.

Their brunches are just as decadent and delicious, with Dutch babies, omelettes, and grilled cheeses with tomato soups.

Sunday Scaries chased away, Monday Madness alleviated. Left Bank is taking care of all of your weekly worries and satisfying the pit of hanger that grows as the week goes on. Who knows, you just might come to look forward to – or dare I say, love –Sundays and Mondays.

Alexandra Jade Tringali