Halal Pitt

Pitt's newest addition "Halal Pitt" sits on the corner of Fifth Ave & South Bouqet St.; a humble food cart with many hardworking employees.  Arriving on November 4th, the food cart has already stirred quite the buzz. Extremely reasonable pricing with options for everybody; chicken, lamb, falafel, fries, gyros, salads, and platters with the red and white sauces. Suddenly, that NYC flavor is here in Pittsburgh.

Contact Info

Halal Pitt www.halalpitt.com

Hours: 10 AM-10PM Everyday with additional late night hours

The Food Truck Scene in Pittsburgh

Let me start this by saying the food truck scene on Pitt's campus has always been lacking. Yes, we have some gems like India On Wheels & Thai Gourmet Express. Earlier this year, we saw the arrival of Kung Fu Tea, which has made a name for it's bubble tea. However,  other than these 3 amazing stops, there aren't too many other choices on Pitt's campus. 

Let's transport to New York City, or even Philadelphia. Food trucks lining the streets; halal food, pizza, tacos, jamiacan food, sandwiches, seafood, anything your brain could imagine. Every truck within a few blocks of each other, with very humble pricing. Now your hardest decision is where to eat because it is all so good!  One day, this scene is what I imagine will be in the heart of Oakland near Pitt's campus, a roaring area with tons of foot traffic. Luckily, we are reaching that spot one food truck at a time. Welcome to campus Halal Pitt!

Halal Pitt: For The Students 

I had the pleasure of interviewing  Halal Pitt's head chef Fathy Marzoq,  and one of his entrepreneurs, a Duquesne Pharmacy School student, both such warm welcoming people. 

As I mentioned the issues with Pitt's food truck scene, Fathy told me it was precisely this problem that drove Halal Pitt into existence.  He talked about how hundreds of other students in Pittsburgh originally from areas like NYC and Philly missed the food that they could get back home for such a reasonable price. It was simply nowhere to be found here in Pittsburgh. Here comes Halal Pitt, the regions first authentic food cart For The Students.  Not only is the location prime on campus, but meals range from a very affordable $5-7, and every entree includes a free drink. Students now have an accessible place to get comforting food for a great value and come together with one another over a meal.  The mission goes "Beyond Halal".

Already, Fathy has seen how the cart has began to bring the community together. Those who know about halal food certainly stop by for a taste as they know just how delicious the food is. Those who haven't had halal before are caught by the bright red, the lights, and the irresistible aromas parading the block and can't help but ask what is going on.  Here, people have a chance to expand their cultural knowledge by meeting a diverse group of people who all come together over a delicious platter of food 

Aditya Sharma


Now lets get more into the menu. 



Platters- $6.99

Every entree comes with a free drink. 

Make anything deluxe for an extra $2- Item features signature "zesty fries" to give a little twist on a classic. The fries provide a crunch factor and a sense of nostalgia as they are a classic college favorite.

The Ingredients 

Fathy reminds me that Halal is relatively healthy food especially the way they cook it, where oil is minimally used, and most food is cooked on the grill or on rotisserie, then the meat is broiled. At Halal Pitt, they have focused on blending only the best ingredients as the meat comes from a family-owned USDA approved facility in New York, the falafel is from famous distributor King of Falafel, and the zesty fries are cooked to a perfect golden crisp every time. With a hearty healthy meal like at Halal Pitt, it leaves the customer feeling full, energized, and light enough to keep going on with the day rather than pass out on the couch. 

Halal Pitt is A Must-Have!

Halal Pitt features extremely friendly employees with delicious food for an affordable price. If you haven't had Halal Pitt yet, you MUST stop by and try a dish for yourself. Upon arrival, you will meet the amazing Fathy and his colleagues, who will soon become your best friends with their warm welcoming smiles as you become a regular. 

Aditya Sharma

Extra, Extra!

 Fathy has been in talks with the University of Pittsburgh to see if students can use a meal swipe to purchase meals in an attempt to make meals even more affordable for students. 

Halal Pitt is also featured on UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates and Grubhub for easy delivery when you don't feel like leaving the house.