Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined finding such pleasure in something so tedious as grocery shopping. Since I have come to the University of Virginia, grocery shopping has become an integral part of my weekly routine.

Walking down grocery aisles piled sky high with glorious food allows me to escape reality for a couple hours and food-dream. However, I quickly discovered that time rarely allows for leisurely strolling when attempting to stock up on food for the week ahead.

The overwhelming selection of food makes it hard for me to choose local, healthy options in a sea of confusing brand names. Stores, like Whole Foods, provide great options for local and organic items, but can get expensive before you even hit the dairy section.

Luckily for us, there is a solution.


Photo by Emma Nosseir

Meet Relay Foods. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Relay Foods was started by Darden Alumni, Zach Buckner.

It is a leading online grocery store focused on local, sustainable, and organic foods serving people throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Locally sourced produce is the main focus of Relay, but they also supply your typical grocery brands as well.

Not only are the prices comparable to stores such as Harris Teeter, but its customer service also exceeds that of your local grocery store.

If on the rare occasion you are not satisfied with your groceries from Relay, you will not be charged for it.

Keep your eyes peeled because this is the next big thing, as Relay’s local market manager, Kerith Rae stated, “If the farmers market and Amazon had a baby…it would be Relay Foods.”


Photo courtesy of Relay Foods

How does it work? Your Relay Foods experience begins by choosing amongst hundreds of options on their website to custom build your grocery basket.

Then, Relay aesthetically assembles your order and sends it out for delivery to the closest designated pick-up locations at your convenience. You won’t even be charged for your food until after you pick it up.

With the ease of online shopping for groceries and numerous varying pick-up locations, time spent grocery shopping is reduced exponentially without compromising the quality of the food.

Relay Foods is especially great for those people who can never figure out what to cook because Relay’s in-house nutritionist offers easy meal planning.


Photo by Emma Nosseir

Why is it seriously awesome? This past week I decided to give Relay Foods a try myself. Not only was it quick and easy to select the foods I wanted, but it was also less stressful. I didn’t forget anything that I usually overlook in my frantic grocery adventures.

With midterm season approaching quickly, all my time will be spent holed up in a library, studying my brains out and leaving no time for groceries.

Relay has become my knight in shining armor.

They sent me reminders both the day before my scheduled pick-up date as well as the day of my pick-up. My pick-up location was only a two-minute drive from where I live.

I was greeted by a representative who explained where my food came from and told me some more about Relay Foods.

Needless to say, my Whole Foods’ obsession will have to take a back seat while I embrace my newfound love for Relay Foods.

So, in these upcoming midterm weeks, when your fridge is beginning to look scarce, check out Relay Foods.

Use this link on your first order to save 30 dollars.

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