Nourish Bar is just one of the fairly new establishments that owner Bret Scott Pafford Jr. and his partners have brought to Bloomington. You might also be familiar with the sister restaurants of Village Pub and Brilliant Coffee Company. Each with a different menu, service, and vibe, but all with pops of Hawaiian flare. Bret, his wife, and the head chef were all once Hawaii locals so of course they bring a bit of the tropics to Btown with experience and expertise. All seafood comes fresh from Hawaii and New Zealand.

Study Spot

Nourish Bar is the perfect place to settle down and study with a bowl of Ramen on the side. They have created a walkthrough from Brilliant Coffee Company next door so that you can get your caffeine kick (or sugar rush with gelato) and cozy up in Nourish Bar. You can even sit in Nourish Bar on days they are closed for service, Sunday and Monday. They still welcome you to use their space to get your grind on.

The Menu

Steamed Buns

The trio steamed buns consists of duck, tofu, and pork belly, and they are SO good. I found it to be the perfect ratio of sauce to bun to protein. A nice afternoon snack or a perfectly paired meal with fried rice or a salad. I will definitely order these again!

Natalie Jacobi


Nourish Bar offers three different types of ramen with miso, dashi, and curry. We tried the dashi and loved every bit of our broth and noodle slurps. You can taste the freshness of the house-made noodles. A fun meal to eat with chopsticks, but if you are the type to feel insecure when eating certain foods in front people, you might want to pick an easier food to eat. So maybe don’t order the ramen on your first date with your crush, but definitely order it the next time you are out with your best friends or for a long day spent curled up on the couch.

Natalie Jacobi

Wok Fried Rice

Who doesn’t love fried rice! I love how popular fried rice is no matter the simplicity or complexity of the added ingredients. I have found that I can be pretty particular when it comes to my fried rice, but I was thoroughly impressed with this order. Personally, I cannot stand when my fried rice is dry. While this is usually a very easy fix to throw on extra soy, teriyaki, or spicy mayo, Nourish Bar has mastered the perfect level of sauce.

Natalie Jacobi


A classic Hawaiian dish! I love imagining myself soaking up the sun on a beach in Hawaii while I enjoy my poke,  when in reality you can find me relaxing on a bench off of the Bloomington B-Line trail eating away. Eh, Hawaii and Bloomington? Same thing.  In case you haven’t gathered, I am a huge sauce fan, and this sauce HITS. A lovely mix of sesame-siracha-shoyu marinade over brown sweet sticky rice. At this point, Nourish Bar gets a "Sauce Stars" title. Mmmm feeling the tropical vibes with the ahi tuna.

Natalie Jacobi


Bloomington doesn’t seem to have too many options when it comes to ordering a good salad. However, Nourish Bar is putting an end to that! Their wide variety of salad options are fun and tasty. I mean who really wants to order a boring salad? We tried the pacific shrimp with toasted sesame and honey walnut dressing. Simple, but definitely not boring. The salad tasted super fresh! This is the perfect lunch on a spring or summer day.

Natalie Jacobi

Nourish Bar will soon be turning into a late-night ramen spot. They plan to convert their counter into a bar where you can enjoy their fresh noodles late into the night. Follow their Instagram to stay up to date on the latest menu updates and late-night ramen. Eat, study, and feel the Hawaiian vibes Tuesday through Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM.  

Natalie Jacobi