You see it everywhere: the cute food photographs on Instagram that seem to pop up every time someone is in London. Where are they taking these adorable photos that seem to light up their feeds and revitalize their usually drab accounts? That is the question I asked myself when I was sitting in Notting Hill, scrolling through the accounts of British bloggers, trying to plan my next visit to a cute, yet also photographic restaurant for a healthy brunch spot. What place better to try than Farm Girl in Notting Hill? 

Step One: Where to Go

Elise Huff

After careful research and consideration from past friend’s experiences while studying abroad, I was directed to Farm Girl in Notting Hill. Farm Girl, a notoriously trendy go-to spot in the city, earned its reputation through its cute atmosphere and artsy take on coffee shop and brunch classics — but with a modern twist.

This simple and holistic coffee shop/brunch spot takes the Australian cafe culture and applies it to the heart of London. After taking an early morning stroll, stumble in to this cozy little shop cultivated for the girl who wants to eat sustainability, yet well, all while feeling healthy and ready to snap the perfect photo.

Step Two: When to Go

Elise Huff

The big question of the hour: how do you beat the brunch rush? My solution: go ten minutes before they open. Will you be early? Yes. Will you get a seat with under a ten minute wait? Yes. Will you sit down sipping your latte and see the faint outline of a line of people wrapping down the streets of notting hill? Also yes.

Will you be happy you woke up a few minutes earlier? Most definitely.

Step Three: What to Order 

To Drink:

If you’re feeling floral: The Rose Latte, described on their website as, “a double shot with rose water infused milk and petals.” This drink melts in your mouth, as you taste the accents of rose metals with your warm morning coffee. 

If you’re feeling bold: Bubbachino, cappuccino, get it with a dog for a fun twist to your photos. Not only is this drink chai-based, but it warms up your stomach on a chilly Sunday morning and makes for a funny and clever photograph. 

Elise Huff
Elise Huff

To Eat:

On the day that I went, I was feeling extra healthy, so I tried the Acai Bowl. This yummy bowl includes “frozen Amazonian berries with banana and almond milk, topped with summer fruits and chia seeds.” A perfect meal to start the day, this bowl was all levels of out-of-this-world goodness. 

You can also try their delicious Dragon Bowl, which is a blend of “frozen pitaya with banana and almond milk, topped with hemp seed and summer fruits. Also a fan favorite, this bowl will leave you feeling full and ready to conquer whatever the day may bring you.

However, on my next venture into the city, I will most definitely be trying their berry pancakes topped with coconut shavings and avocado toast completed with fresh coriander and pomegranate. 

Step Four: Where to Photograph

Elise Huff

Tip: try to get a seat outside in their covered patio to optimize your photography with the beautiful lighting and cute outdoor furniture.'re off! With these tips and must-have menu items, you are more than ready to venture into Notting Hill, with coffee in hand, and the determination to snap some cute photos, Farm Girl is the perfect location to start a perfect Sunday morning.