Bare Bowls, a new açai bowl mecca just opened in Palo Alto and has all the healthy Stanford ladies obsessed. This tasty new shop has been much instagrammed, drooled over, and talked about.

What are açai bowls anyways?

The açai berry (pronounced: ah – sigh – ee) is a fruit from açai palm trees found in the Amazon. It is most commonly enjoyed like a smoothie and when mixed with other ingredients, it becomes tropical heaven in a bowl. Despite its fruity origins, these bowls are pretty filling, and with added toppings, serve as a full meal.

Not only are açai bowls delicious, but they are also extremely healthy. Açai berries are an antioxidant and amino acid rich fruit that can be immune-stimulating and energy boosting. Here are 10 healthy reasons why you should try this tropical wonder:

  • Heart Health
  • Resistant to Harmful Organisms
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Promotes Skin Health
  • Helps with Digestive Upset
  • Reduces Irritation
  • Improved Cellular Health
  • May Help Fight Cancer
  • Anti-Aging Effects
  • Energy-Boost

How do I get my hands on these heavenly tropical berries?

Unfortunately, making your own smoothie can be slightly tricky. In the US, the berries are only found at specific venues, such as local health food stores, or on However if you can get your hands on ’em and are feeling adventurous, go for it.

If not, that’s understandable. Luckily for us at Stanford, Bare Bowls is the answer to our açai struggles and is waiting for us right off University Ave.

Bare Bowls Palo Alto


Photo by Claire Wilson: Powerhouse Bowl and Omni Green Bowl

This cute take-out or sit-down café, supplied with board games and wi-fi, welcomes you for breakfast, brunch or snacking until 4 pm. While these bowls are not necessarily cheap (small: $8, regular: $12), they’re filling and a healthy way to kill your sweet cravings. Here are a few of our favorites.


Photo by Chloe Colberg: Valentine’s Day Special Bowl

Cardinal Bowl: Perfect if you’re looking for something fruity. This bowl is similar to what you would traditionally get in Brazil.


Photo by Rachel Riddle: Cardinal Bowl

Gorilla Bowl: If you love peanut butter, this one is for you. Peanut butter makes this bowl more dense and hearty while also adding a nutty edge to the traditional fruity mix.

Unplugged Bowl: The best way to kill your chocolate craving. Sprinkled with chocolate chips, this bowl is super sweet and dessert-like.

Trailblazer Bowl: For the almond lovers, the taste is similar to the Gorilla Bowl, only it’s blended with almond butter instead. The icing on the cake (or the bowl, rather) is a generous sprinkle of crunchy toasted almonds.


Photo by Chloe Colberg: Trailblazer Bowl

Sunrise Pitaya Bowl: Made with bright pink pitaya instead of açai, this bowl is a mix of various berries and topped with shredded coconut. This one makes for a refreshing meal any time of day.

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