Ever present but little acknowledged, North campus living for a freshman at the University of Michigan can be tough – and not just because of the isolation, the alarmingly cramped bus rides and the constant threat of being run over by a deer. There comes a time in the life of every North Campus resident that they begin to feel that one more meal consisting of the same salad bar ingredients and French fries from the Bursley dining hall will drive them to leave their studies behind and run screaming into the vast wilderness that is North Campus without looking back. But never fear, Northies, this article will reveal to you a few little known places you can eat on North that are walking distance from the dorms and provide the perfect escape from North Campus dining that you all deserve.

The Blue Apple


Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Most North Campus residents know about Bursley’s much-loved café, the Blue Apple, commonly referred to by frequenters as “The Blapple.” The Blue Apple sells just about any snack you could desire, from granola bars and fresh fruit for when you’re feeling healthy to chips and chocolate bars for those nights when you’re up late studying and fail to ward off devilish cravings. But snacks aren’t all the Blue Apple has to offer: escape the dining hall for a cheap meal with a freshly made panini, a cheesy piece of (surprisingly awesome) pizza or a nutrient-packed smoothie. Blue Bucks and Dining Dollars accepted.

Pierpont Commons: Beanster’s, Quiznos, and Panda Express Galore 


Photo by Alison Weissbrot

If its not too cold and snowy to leave the dorms, head down to the North Campus Diag and check out the food court at Pierpont Commons, North Campus’ very own union. Stacked with Beanster’s, Quiznos and Panda Express, this place provides the perfect escape from dining hall food for a fast grab and go meal to bring with you for a night of studying at the Dude. Acceptance of Blue Bucks is once again a plus.

Across Plymouth: An Oasis of Restaurants


Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Many North Campus freshman don’t know that if you venture a mere ten minutes out past the NCRB across the bustling Plymouth Avenue, you will find yourself in an oasis of restaurants that only a central campus resident could dream of. Café Marie’s is a quaint diner that serves a killer breakfast. Cheesy avalanche potatoes will allow you to satisfy your breakfast cravings without requiring you taking the bus just to wait in an hour-long line at Angelo’s. Across the street you will find a sushi restaurant and a bagel shop, and old-time favorites like Panera and Great Plain’s Burger Co. await down the road. Last but not least, the best surprise of all, a steaming bowl of pad Thai awaits at North Campus’ very own No Thai.
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Don’t let the isolation starve you. Eat your way through North.